July 31, 2006

Social Bookmarks For Blogger!

This post is for my many blogger friends out there who are trying to better their blogs. It's common knowledge that the blogger software has no easy way to add social bookmark links for each post. So I set out to find an easy way to make these. And success at last. I figure out a way to blogger's own code to make each bookmark link have the exact post you want. Using the blogger template tags of course to make it a little easier. Let's start with where you put the code. It's to be placed right after the $BlogItemBody$ tag. I've included most social bookmarking websites out there to make it easier on you, so you can just choose which to place on your website. Sorry I had to make it a picture but blogger wouldn't let me include the code without showing the HTML equivalent. Now on to the piece de resistance: Bookmarks For Blogger You can also change the the word before the link closing tag to an image you want. One thing that has worked for me is using the said website's .ico img as the image. Say spurl you can put http://www.spurl.net/favicon.ico inside img tags to replace the letters "spurl". Making this a complete it a fully functioning social bookmark link. If you place them after the blogitembody tag in your blog template these will appear after every post with the specified post's url in them of course. All I ask in return, if you want, when use this method is to include a link to the main page of this website: Hope this helps you out as much as it did me. P.S.If you want a live sample look at the end of this post and every other post and try those buttons out. Thank You EDIT: I figured out how to put HTML into blogger! Just ignore the br tags as I couldn't get those out. Enjoy! Thank You