July 10, 2006

Options for alternative ads

Ever wonder what you can do with the choice Google Adsense gives you to put alternative ads in your Google ads in case Google Adsense can't find matching ads? Yeah most people choose to put their own links in the choice; a big mistake. Fact is there are a lot of advertisers out there that have options to integrate their ads using this option. Meaning if Google can't find anyone maybe they can. This problem however is not faced by many since their websites have enough displaying ads already. But many find that after eliminating their opponent's ads from showing they have few or no ads left. Many of course quickly rush to allowed their opponents to steal their traffic again. But the smart ones use a service like Allfeeds.com's 'Google Backfill' program. I was faced with this problem myself on one of my websites. This program not only offers customization so it looks like the Google ads that you already have serving but I've heard they have about the same payout as Google Adsense. Now as for that I'll find out in the couple of months how it turns out. Just thought I'd let you guys know about this. Thank You