July 05, 2006

Google Adsense Domain Parking

Registering a domain name? But let's say your website hasn't yet been completed and you have a couple of days before you get fully set up. Then you can what we call "domain parking" this means you are going to hire an ad network to put a temporally website for you in the meantime. The catch is this domain parking ad network will pay you for every click they get on the ads they have posted on your website. Now this ad network will take care of all the codes and everything so there is no work on your part. Also keep in mind that each and every link on the said registered domain will be an ad. Which means no matter where your traffic clicks you will get money. For basics you can search "how to register a domain" or "register a domain name" in Google. Now there are a lot of companies that help you with your domains and give you hosting and my personal favorite I've worked with for a while is GoDaddy. Now Google has started a program themselves of to put ads on parked domains. Even though you can't just use your normal Google Adsense in this registration is a breeze. As they get back quickly. The page where I found this out is located Domain Park Google Page. This program according to Google has been around for 3 years now though it's lesser known in webmasters. Now the rules are the same as Google Adsense so don't get carried away and there is no automatic registration it's all through their customer service, since this has such a potential for profits they want to make sure your website is legit personally. You can check out the Google Domainpark FAQs for more information on this. Thank You