November 30, 2006

Google Apps for Your Domain

Google Aps for your domain is a nice little gem that comes rolling out the google team's office. And like google analytics Google Aps for Your Domain is an easier way to use your website to it's full potential. These tools were designed to better your website and help your team to communicate and work better not to mention faster all in accessible via your browser. There are in total as of now 5 of these tools:

  • A start page that has everything and every feature as google's personal page but with more. You can control what of gadgets your team will be allowed to use on their start page. With their email, a calendar and the ability to search the Internet all included.
  • Gmail with 2 gigabytes of memory available for each account especially can be included in your website.
  • Google Talk comes equipped so that you and your team can communicate in real-time.
  • Google Calendar of course to schedule all of your meetings as well as birthdays and such special days.
  • Google Page Creator can be used to allow your team to create these especially built pages for your website.
Keeping in mind that all these tools will be added to your website with google as the middleman. I went ahead and tried it out for one of my websites and you can check it out at precharge projectnet google aps. My Review I give it an 8 out of five. It was easy to use but at the same time I ran into some bugs that google must still be working on. If you'd like to check out the official post it's at the Google Analytics Blog. Thank You

November 26, 2006

Top Ten SEO Obvious Deadly Sins

SEO is a trade with two sides: one the easy one are obvious mistakes you shouldn't make, these are the deadliest, and another which is the most complicated one that will give you that extra edge is SERPs. The easy ones can be summarized in ten easy and again obvious lists. But no matter how easy every now and then I see a website that terribly violates one of these or perhaps even more. Dooming it to the very end of SERPs. So for the record for everyone out there here they are:

1. Do NOT include your url in your website's title.
I know it may seem cool to let everyone know which website they are on but I think we all know where they have to look in order to know where they are. And to be honest if they can't figure it out heck just leave them lost in the vast world of the Internet. Seriously though this will bring your SERPs even lower since the url of your website will barely be found in your content. Links don't count.

2. Your tile should, at maximum, be 65 characters long.
Keep it short I don't think you have that many related keywords on one page. And remember to cut out ordinary words that you can never even hope to rank for like "it".

3. Do NOT repeat keywords in your description.
You may no think google cares about your description but it does and repeated keywords will get you stupid penalties for no reason. And try to keep it at maximum 200 characters.

4. Again Do NOT repeat keywords in your keywords META tag.
This is just like asking for your website to disappear people.

5. Do NOT join those tacky link exchange sites.
Sure they promise you links, but those links are put on a page with NOTHING but links. So there is no use to you. Instead it'll give you a temporary boost until google figures it out and BAM! next thing you know your website is know out.

6. Keyword stuffing is just plain stupid.
You may be tempted to put nothing but your keywords on a page but if you do tell how it turns ou tin a year or two. I don't think I need to warn any smart guys out there.

7. Stay away from BLACK HATS.
We all have heard of the amazing techniques to get your site on top of the SERPs, but what they don't tell you is how long you are going to keep that top spot. igive i ttwo to three months and you site is BANNED from google. I don't care what anyone says any underhanded trick in my book is crap.

8. Use flash and images SPARINGLY.
The key word there is sparingly. Some people seem to think it's a pretty cool idea to have their whole website as flash. Sure new movies and big starts can get away with that. But an independent website will be just digging it's own grave.

9. Navigation is also for the Search Engines.
So keep them html or php or anything they can see also. I can't tell you how many sites use javascript and flash as their navigation putting a big block on the googlebot.

10. Beyond SEO
The last mistake is optimizing your website for every search engine out there except, oh, that's right the user. After all your work getting visitors from SERPs and when they get there they immediately leave. Because you've forgotten that the whole point of SEO is the user.

It doesn't matter what others think these are the things you need to take care of first. Keep these things in mind and THEN move on to advance techniques. Which I happen to plan on covering extensively in the future.

November 25, 2006

Proof That Google Still Uses META Desciption Tag

IF you've ever needed proof that google sometimes DOES use meta tag descriptions to describe a SERP check out my entry in the precharge projectnet seo contest. View source and check the META description and you'll see that it matches this SERP:

And this isn't a fluke it's been like this since yesterday and even now search "precharge projectnet" and look at the third entry and you'll see it for yourself.

Thank You

November 22, 2006

Talk About Funny!

Google KidSense

November 21, 2006

Google Shares GOOG Passes $500 Dollar Mark

Google's shares in stocks has passed the $500 dollar mark as if it was nothing. In just 24 months since August 2004 when google went public it has managed to grow by 490%. I previously covered how GOOG stocks was going to be the new phenomenon back a while in this GOOG stocks explained post.

Many avant stock brokers knew where it was headed. Now one of the prominent leaders in the Internet advertising field, Google is actually thinking about broadening it's advertising base to the real World. Much like one of it's main competitors Yahoo. Looking in newspapers, print and even TV ads, google is guaranteed to keep climbing.

The $500 dollar milestone was achieved early on Tuesday growing up $9.14 to reach $504.19.

Thank You

November 19, 2006

New Sitemaps Standards!

That's right! Google, MSN, and Yahoo finally joined forces and agreed on a new standards for sitemaps. This came in the form of a very informative website located at Just in case you don't know what sitemaps are:

Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site.

It has a protocol page with everything from tools to validate your sitemap according to the new standards, informing the search engines when you update your sitemap, and even XML tag definitions for beginners.

The only thing that seems to have been left out is where blogs will stand when these new standards become rules of the Internet. Obviously blogs like wordpress shouldn't have nay problems but what about blogs like blogger, Google's very own blogs? Well only time will tell. For now I am going to start the new task of bringing all my websites under these new standards.

Thank You

November 18, 2006

Google Adwords Site Optimizer Beta

I was browsing around when I fell on this new beta for adwords users that gives you tips and information about optimizing your website:

Website Optimizer is a free and self-service tool. Without extensive experience or resources, you can run multivariate experiments on landing page content, including headlines, promotional copy, and images. Complete the steps below and sign-up to participate in our beta test. We can only invite a small number of advertisers at this time, but hope to open the tool to all Advertisers over the coming months.

While Website Optimizer is integrated into AdWords, it tests all traffic to your site – including traffic from your AdWords ads, Google search results and any other source of traffic to your site.

It's located here Website Optimizer - Adwords - Google If anyone is already in don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Thank You

November 14, 2006

Deleting A String From Firefox's about:config

I got frustrated the other day searching for a way to delete a string from the firefox about:config page. I messed it up trying to do some firefox speed up trick; lesson learned never mess with my sweet firefox. So after looking around and not being able to find a proper guide I had to deal with it myself which took an hour or two. So just to save my users a big headache like I got here's a nice little guide to deleting a string in Firefox's about:config. Basically I found out you can't just do it from firefox itself you have to go into the actual user file:

1. Close firefox (so not to mess it up even more).
2. Go into your profile page "%AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxxxxxxx.default\" the x's stand for a randomly generated code for every profile.
3. Open the file "prefs.js" in a text editor.
4. And just use the find tool and enter the title of the string. (not the whole title just a part if you want) and just erase that part.

Well there you go no more headaches when the time comes for you guys.

Thank You