March 21, 2007

Google Logos Showing up in Google Adsense Ads

Google loves advertising itself especially when it comes to it's own products. So it's no surprise that new Google Adsense ads were spotted with the Google Logo either in the right hand side or in the left hand side. These were found at SE Journal:

Why IS This So Important?

This is important because this could becomes the new Google Adsense Ads. And if so may mess up any blending you may have done with your ads. So it's important to watch out for these new variations in case something does get changed.

Thank You

Where Have I Been?

My life the couple past months has been a shallow mud of mess. Filled with school project after another. You see I decided to join the AP classes at my school and for the first semester it was all good. Until the second semester that's when the World grew dark. Believe you me when I say that I've been covered in school work for the past couple of weeks. I maintain a couple of blogs and could barely keep up with all of them.

But this is no excuse for not staying up to date with the Adsense World and making sure you folks receive your news. So I'd like to apologize for my absence and promise from now on three to four posts per week. There is no excuse for neglecting my responsibilities. So yes this means I am back and am preparing a whole load of posts to go with the updates and happenings I've missed.

I appreciate your concern to those who emailed me and those who commented asking for me. And thank you for your dedication and royalty to All About Google Adsense.

Thank You