June 30, 2006

Google Stocks Explained!

Google currently has the most talked about stocks in the whole market. Everyone is puzzled of how it manages to have so many supporters worlwide. Actually it's quite easy to understand why google stocks seem to be doing quite well. First it's reliability has it's trustees knowing that this long term investment will pay off, it's a widely know fact that Google Stocks have virtually no chance of ever havingno value. The company is a rock solid investment. Even though it may falter at times that doesn't last for long. Now then let's discuss how you too can jump on this money train. First of course you need to know the basics of stock; how the dividends, common stocks, and preferred stocks work. Here is an introduction to stocks: First know that holdiong a stock gives you a piece of the said company. You have the right to vote on members of the board of directors and other important matters before the company. Also if the company distributes profits you are entitled to a piece. The good thing about this is that if and when the company which you hold stock in happens to lose all it's money or is to pay more money than it has; you the holder of the stocks are not liable in any way. But that's a different story when it comes to private stocks. First you have to know that there are two types of stocks: Common Stock and Preferred Stocks. Common Stocks are the ones held by the public and gives you rights to dividends and voting too. Preferred Stocks has less rights than Common Stocks but there is one major difference that's the dividends. Companies with Preferred stocks tend to give out regular dividends like a monthly payout. Also it has first dibs on the dividends over the COmmon Stocks. That's about it for basics for more info consult Wikipedia Stock Info. Now then on to the main topics Google Stocks are commonly referred to as GOOG this means that if you want to find it's current stocks info you call it GOOG instead of google. Many websites out have currently updated prices and quotes (predictions on where the stock is heading) but Google itself has it's own reguraly updated webpage located here: If you'd like to purchase GOOG Stocks go ahead and head on to my favorite online stock trading market the famous New York Stock Exchange located here. Though I recommend you get a stock broker to do most of your stock investments. They are professinals trained on this kind of thing and also happen to have investment advice upon which companies may bring most profit. But if you are interested in Google Stocks only, what can I tell you? Go jump into the money train. You may be wondering why I decided to post this on a Google Adsense blog, my reason is the fact that Google Adsense has continually helped rise Google's stocks sales. The fact that Google Adsense itself might be a good investment in the long run, I thought webmasters would want to know other ways to earn money form the Google Adsense and Google Stocks connection. As you keep yourself updated with current info on any Google Adsense developments you should know which ones are either going to drag Google down or pull it ahead. Therefore giving you an advantage in knowing which way Google Stocks is headed. Thank You

June 28, 2006

Google adsense and adwords the perfect money system?

Google adsense and adwords, two of the tools google let's us use in our quest for success. Many webmasters out there unfortunately don't take advantage of these two, a lot of us just go after google adsense. After all it's the money maker right? WRONG! By successfully using google adwords together with google adsense we can create a never ending cycle of money. Take a second and think about this we can use google adsense as WELL as google adwords. By driving traffic to our website using google adwords we can then gain our spent money on google adwords from google adsense. Now before you get all excited there is a catch. Sometimes if your website can't perform you won't be able to get your earning in the positive. By using more money on google adwords than you are gaining in google adsense you'll be at the losing end. But then again when you think about it why would a sensible webmaster spend money on a site he didn't believe was going to perform? Truth is you know your users and all you have to do is use google adwords as just a way for you to gain more users. But knowing your fan base already gives the advantage of knowing if they will indeed turn around and earn you some money. You see it's just like any other type of advertising you website except you won't lose anything and you'll be able to use the most trusted name out there as your advertiser. Now another advantage to this is the fact that your competitors, who probably just like you use google adsense, will have your ads displaying on their website. This way you get to diverge your competitor's traffic and transform it into your users. Using this system many people have been able to double their google adsense earnings using this technique. So go ahead try them out and tell me how it works out for you: Google Adwords Google Adsense Thank You

June 27, 2006

Filed your google adsense taxes yet?

Google adsense just like any other job requires you to pay tax on your earnings . To everyone out there that is makes more than $600 dollars on google adsense you've probably received the 1099-MISC form outlining how much money you made after the end of each year. And even more if you checked the "Exempt from backup withholding" 28% percent of your google adsense earnings will be kept by google and go towards your taxes. This basically applies to people who have gotten in trouble with the IRS for example lying about your social security number. As more and more people realize that google adsense is a legit job we are learning more about google adsense taxes. Like deductions and even how to net your google adsense earnings to your other earnings. For example if you had another job you might add your google adsense earnings to that job's earnings. Therefore saving yourself self on some taxes. It's a useful technique that people use on other businesses. Another important fact is you need to realize which your google adsense earnings fit under: a hobby or a business. Most google adsense savvy users who earned a lot of cash on it decide to make it a business. This helps them use any expenses on advertising their website and domain or hosting costs as business deductions. While most small time users decide to make it a hobby which greatly reduces your taxes on it. The IRS has an article that can help you with this located at: Business OR Hobby? Please keep in mind that just because you think you make enough money to declare your google adsense earnings business earnings doesn't mean you can. As the IRS promptly tells us that to tax your a business you need to have a certain structure. Meaning you need to have employees which ends up being only you (official term sole proprietorship). Loans and costs and all of thos official thigns that go with businesses, so you can't just declare yourself a business overnight. Now on to the more interesting part of how you can deduct a lot of money from your google adsense earnings taxes. Things like your domain and hosting costs as well as physical purchases like a new computer or even a mouse. But these tax deductions change everyday so I suggest you get in touch with a tax professional or use one of those new tax programs to find out all of the opportunities on there. As well as how much you can deduct from each. Google happens to have a tax information page itself though not very up to date: Google Adsense Tax Info Also I suggest you check out the IRS.gov website for more information on taxes. I didn't know of these things myself until recently when I wondered into Adsense Taxes . So I thought I'd share this with my fellow webmasters. Thank You

June 26, 2006

New Cost-Per- Action Google Adsense!

Some people are receiving invitations to participate in a new google adsense program called CPA or Cost-Per-Action it reads like this: The Google AdSense team would like to invite you to test a feature that provides you with a new way to earn revenue from your website by hosting ads that are compensated based on a Cost-Per-Action [CPA] basis. These ads are very different in that you will be able to choose amongst a selection and you will also have more flexibility in promoting them… The attachment contained the following: How do I participate in the CPA test? Simply reply to the invitation email and express your interest in participating and we will send you some sample CPA ads. You can then choose which ads you’d like to host and we will send you the code to copy and paste on to your site. It’s just that easy! What can I do to optimize my revenue from the CPA ads? While we encourage you to experiment as much as possible with these ads on your site, here are some general tips on implementing a CPA ad: 1) Ads that blend in with the site and are placed prominently tend to perform better. Look to integrate the ad within the page. 2) Ads that are relevant to the interest of your site visitor also tend to perform better. For example, if you have a travel site, having ads relevant to airline travel would generate higher interest. For more tips on increasing revenue, please see our optimization tips page at: How do I get paid? You get paid whenever a site visitor clicks on the ad on your site AND performs a specified action, such as generating a lead or purchasing a product. Do these compete with regular content ads? These ads will not compete with contextually targeted ads. Instead, they will show across a separate network, the Content Referral network. To place one of these ads on your site, you can set up a new ad unit that supports any of our current ad unit sizes. How much could publishers expect to earn with this CPA test? How much a publisher will earn will depend on a number of factors about the publisher and advertiser, including whether the ads match the topic of the site, and level of interest of their site visitors. We have tried to match the appropriate publishers with advertisers for this test. Will CPA offerings compete with my current AdSense revenue? We expect that the CPA test will offer ad units that will expand publishers AFC revenue because the ad units are separate and appeal to different types of users. These CPA ads are also additional inventory to your existing AFC ad units. How can I promote the CPA ad unit? Since this is a test and these CPA ads are not regular ad units, we are giving you more flexibility in saying things like "I recommend this product" or "Try JetBlue today" next to the CPA ad unit. However, you should still not incite someone to click on the ad, so saying "Click Here" is not ok. Where do these CPA ads comes from? The CPA ads come from a limited group of high quality advertisers that are interested in displaying ads on a CPA basis. They pay you whenever a site visitor performs a specified action, such as generating a lead or purchasing a product. Will I be able to see reports within my account? When the test begins, you will receive weekly email reports of conversions you have accrued and your total revenue within the CPA test. This means in a couple of days or so google adsense will have this new feature for all the publishers. And what's really intresting is the fact that you can promote these new ads ad it says in the mini description. This new way could earn a publisher some hard earned chash if you optimize your site to match different product soffered through cpa. I'll post more info as it arrives and will try to keep you guys updated on this. Thank You

June 24, 2006

Double you google adsense earnings!

How you ask? By changing one simple thing within your google adsense account settings. Many a people don't realize what an immense opportunity it is to be able to customize your ads to fit in with your website. But many webmasters are changing their minds each day and instead are making their ads mismatch their webpage. Why? You might ask, well it's simple psychology really, the thing is the thinking behind making your ads blend is to make visitors think they are your links. But not everyone clicks every link on your website now do they? Some people don't even notice it at all. This lead to some people thinking that maybe just maybe if you make the ads so incredibly ludicrous they'll notice them a little more. Now this eliminates the tricking the users thinking they are your links and instead draws attention to the ads. And if they may find them interesting you get cash. But that raises another problem doesn't it? Some users have been so tricked with ads on the internet that' they'll do anything to avoid clicking on them. I know I was one of them until google adsense jumped in the game. So how do make them stand out AND look like they are YOUR link? It's easy really just put boxes next to your ads and make them look like buttons as if they were your links. But let's not stop there to draw the user's attention let's make the buttons look as mismatched with the rest of your website as possible. So there you've achieve it making your ads draw attention AND be trusted. But I'm not done yet, I did a little bit of research and found out that the best colors that seem to attract our attention are red and yellow. Advertisers have been using this trick on their products and in commercials. So far that's about it but I'm investigating this new technique and may find out more things that could help you my fellow webmasters mega moolah. So be sure to subscribe to my atom feed for new updates as I post them. Atom Feed Here I started using this technique myself and found that it upped my cash way more than I expected, but since this is fairly new I thought I'd see how it works for you guys. Send me an e-mail at Diddy1[at]gmail.com about how this went. Remember to give it some time before you see the results. Thank You

June 22, 2006

The google adsense lawyers got you confused?

Ever hear of google adsense terms and conditions? Basically it's all the rules that google adsense imposes on the publishers of it's ads. All this lawyer talk that tends to get a lot of people bored to the point where they are not paying attention anymore. Happens to the best of us lawyers have their own legal talk. But to us normal folks it's blah, blah and more blah. So I checked it out and thought why doesn't a nice person go out there and basically cover all the mentioned topics that matter to us and translate it from the lawyer talk to real words. Of course I searched around and there seems to be no one who has volunteered themselves, so again it comes on me to tell you all about the stuff you may have ignored. Which may I mention gets a lot of advertisers in trouble with the good folks over there at google adsense. So without further a due I present to you Google AdSense Online Standard Terms and Conditions in real English: First let's start with the obvious here: DO NOT under any condition click on your ads. The only exception is the google video ads where you can view the video but still can't click on the actual ad, just the play button is as far as you should go. Second of all: DON'T tell you users in any way to click on your ads. As google adsense regularly checks your website don't try anything slick they WILL find out. This is a serious offence as users who have no initial interest in the ad aren't going to follow up on the advertiser's site. So it does google adsense no good at all. Third of all: You MAY not in any way change the code given to you by google adsense the google adsense's lawyer team made sure of that with about four references to this. And of course how can I stop without telling you of the limitations that google places upon your ads: First of course: We all know you have to be of legal age to sign up with google yes that means you have to 18 years old before you can sign those contracts and file those taxes. That's about it. Note that these are only the major points of adsense. If you are pushing the envelop you know you have to go over on the actual lawyer talk to make sure you are not messing up. But at least I've saved you some time in this. Google AdSense Online Standard Terms and Conditions Check it out if you want to be 100% sure. Their lawyer team doesn't make it any easier. Hope this helps on your google adsense campaign. Thank You

June 21, 2006

Know Thy Enemy!

Yes,of course I don't have to tell many of you out there about competition. I don't think there is a subject out there that the internet doesn't have hundreds of sites based around it. I guess that's why it's called to the great information highway. Some topics are highly sought after because of the money they bring in things like: real estate, mortgage, hurricanes, and a whole lot more. So of course it easy to understand why competition is a high factor. Any good idea on the web is copied to try to get the same results. It's a know fact that the more successful you become the more people want to become like you. And the internet is no exception. And in google adsense this is one thing a lot of people worry about after all no one wants to have their competitor gain from their website. Sadly this is almost guaranteed to happen, but thank God google adsense has thought of that. Inside your google adsense settings there is an option to filter out you competition's ads the only problem is it's not a good idea to eliminate potential high paying clicks. Plus if your subject is small there may not be that many ads showing at your site anymore, leaving you stuck with the same low paying ads. Google has a guide to using the competitive ad filter: Competitive Ad Filter Guide Me personally I choose not to use this tool as I prefer to be able to give my opponents a fair chance. If my users are going to leave my site anyways they might as well go to a better informed site. But that doesn't mean I won't put up a fight in other ways. Hope this helps. Thank You

June 20, 2006

The Million Dollar Word!

That's right I said it, or wrote it. Keywords are THE number one way to make sure you are ahead on your google adsense game. The thing is there are a lot of subjects out there but many have advertisers who are willing to shell as much as needed to get your visitors. And some topics no one is willing to pay a penny for it. Your job as a webmaster and a google adsense publisher is to figure out which of those uncountable topics will get you the most money per click. Well I have to admit some of us spend hours searching to find out those magic million dollar words. But few of us ever find ones we can build on and create a decent website. Unlike what those lowlifes out there are doing by making websites with nothing but money in mind. So without further delay let me first share with you the few decent tools out there that can help you with this subject. First things first google has a keyword tool itself but I suggest you ignore that as it is not affective. Now the advertising giant overture has a few hidden tools that cover just about what the whole wide web is looking for. In other words it has so many connections that it can affectively get you the results you want. One of it's tool is a keyword selector tool which manly means it shows you how many times the entered keyword was searched by users across a wide audience: Overture Keyword Selector Tool Now then moving on anyone ever heard of wordtracker? Well basically it tracks the best paying keywords out there for you. But it costs money. But an avid webmaster is not stopped by such a mere obstacle. This nice little tool does the same thing except you can also choose to include overture, that's right this is gold people: 123promotion But there is more, I won't stop there I am here to help you achieve your ultimate goal. That is I assume to not only to gain money from google adsense but to please the internet users whose lives will be brightened by your creation. This tool well it's hard to describe it does so much check it out for yourself: Pixelfast Overture Tool Well there you go so far that's the best I've been able to find. So stop wasting your money on those "1000 hottest keywords" fakers find them and get them yourself. Of course those tools mean nothing to you if you are dedicated to your website. Those are merely for those of you who are starting out. Or looking to spice their websites up a bit more. Hope this helps. Thank You

June 19, 2006

Hot Off The Press!

As many webmasters know the longer you work with google adsense the more you get to know it. Just anything else in life experience is a must. But we all have to start somewhere right? Someone has to show us the ropes. And let's not forget that others can help in this by telling us of their experiences so we can learn from them. So just like Grandpa's stories I do the same thing here with this website, but on the google adsense topic not on the wars and hardships of World War two. And one of the things I've recently learned in my continuing research is the fact that the url of the website has an affect on your google adsense ads. That's why I've been getting more ads about blogs than google adsense even though I've never written about them on this site. So there you goes another weapon for your campaign of cashing in those adsense checks. I realize that many others out there may have some other tricks to tell us about google adsense. So I am offering to anyone who has an idea or a way we can all prosper in our adsense earnings is free to email me said article.( just to make sure it's appropriate before posting it). And I will post on the blog if I see that this may be useful to us webmasters. The email is Diddy1[at]gmail.com Thank You and I hope this will bring all of us google adsense gurus new found knowledge.

June 14, 2006

Forgotten opportunity

You ever wonder why no one ever seems to focus on google search box offered at google adsense? It's been a mystery to me also. From what I hear from other webmasters no one wants to give up their traffic to google and other sites. And also the fact that many people already use google they see no point in using these small boxes from other people's sites. Of course we can't overlook the fact that it makes little or no profit when users do use the search box. But to me this is just another emerging opportunity from the folks over at adsense. Think about it, the search can be customized to search only your site so you don't need a search feature on your own site. Also look at this as a way to increase the amount of diversity in your google ads. It appears as if more people decide to take advantage of this feature more advertisers will jump on the train. As for now adsense search seems to only be useful to homepage websites. Since no one else wants to give it a chance. Link With Us - Web Directory OnlineWide Web Directory

June 06, 2006

Adsense Video Ads?

As adsense recently announced their new addition to adsense family "click-to-play video ads" I took some time to explore this new feature. And it blew me away. These are actual videos played when the user chooses to play them so no wasting a user's time with slow page loading. Plus it appears to download in ht ebackground from google so there will be minimum bandwidth usage as the user presses play. It seems they thought of everything before coming out with this one. So without further adue here's a list of it's features and limits: First of all for those worried that your site's bandwidth will go up because of them, worry no more. These videos have no connection to your site except for the code. The actual videos are all on google and hosted there. Second like I pointed out earlier they can only be activated by the user pressing play so be assured that they won't be intruding upon your users. Third you will be paid in either of these two ways: site-targeted which will mean by cpm so everytime the actual ad loads. OR contextually targeted which means you will be paid once the users click on the link at the bottom of the video or at the video itself when its rolling. Fourth unlike previous adsense ads, these won't be targeted to your content unless you are using the contextual ad option. So choose wiselly as there differences between those 2 options. Fifth many publishers are worried that the contents of the ads may carry some offensive or inappropriate materials. Well once again don't worry good ol adsense comes through again each video is assured to be "family safe" through the Video Editorial Guidelines set by AdWords. (Video Editorial Guidelines Here) And yes you can watch the videos that appear on your site if you want to, to maybe make sure they meet your guidelines. Just don't click on them or the link under. So far this is all I've been able to gather more updates coming after I learn more maybe even some tricks! From you number one source of adense info: hhttp://allaboutadsense.blogspot.com/