June 21, 2006

Know Thy Enemy!

Yes,of course I don't have to tell many of you out there about competition. I don't think there is a subject out there that the internet doesn't have hundreds of sites based around it. I guess that's why it's called to the great information highway. Some topics are highly sought after because of the money they bring in things like: real estate, mortgage, hurricanes, and a whole lot more. So of course it easy to understand why competition is a high factor. Any good idea on the web is copied to try to get the same results. It's a know fact that the more successful you become the more people want to become like you. And the internet is no exception. And in google adsense this is one thing a lot of people worry about after all no one wants to have their competitor gain from their website. Sadly this is almost guaranteed to happen, but thank God google adsense has thought of that. Inside your google adsense settings there is an option to filter out you competition's ads the only problem is it's not a good idea to eliminate potential high paying clicks. Plus if your subject is small there may not be that many ads showing at your site anymore, leaving you stuck with the same low paying ads. Google has a guide to using the competitive ad filter: Competitive Ad Filter Guide Me personally I choose not to use this tool as I prefer to be able to give my opponents a fair chance. If my users are going to leave my site anyways they might as well go to a better informed site. But that doesn't mean I won't put up a fight in other ways. Hope this helps. Thank You