June 24, 2006

Double you google adsense earnings!

How you ask? By changing one simple thing within your google adsense account settings. Many a people don't realize what an immense opportunity it is to be able to customize your ads to fit in with your website. But many webmasters are changing their minds each day and instead are making their ads mismatch their webpage. Why? You might ask, well it's simple psychology really, the thing is the thinking behind making your ads blend is to make visitors think they are your links. But not everyone clicks every link on your website now do they? Some people don't even notice it at all. This lead to some people thinking that maybe just maybe if you make the ads so incredibly ludicrous they'll notice them a little more. Now this eliminates the tricking the users thinking they are your links and instead draws attention to the ads. And if they may find them interesting you get cash. But that raises another problem doesn't it? Some users have been so tricked with ads on the internet that' they'll do anything to avoid clicking on them. I know I was one of them until google adsense jumped in the game. So how do make them stand out AND look like they are YOUR link? It's easy really just put boxes next to your ads and make them look like buttons as if they were your links. But let's not stop there to draw the user's attention let's make the buttons look as mismatched with the rest of your website as possible. So there you've achieve it making your ads draw attention AND be trusted. But I'm not done yet, I did a little bit of research and found out that the best colors that seem to attract our attention are red and yellow. Advertisers have been using this trick on their products and in commercials. So far that's about it but I'm investigating this new technique and may find out more things that could help you my fellow webmasters mega moolah. So be sure to subscribe to my atom feed for new updates as I post them. Atom Feed Here I started using this technique myself and found that it upped my cash way more than I expected, but since this is fairly new I thought I'd see how it works for you guys. Send me an e-mail at Diddy1[at]gmail.com about how this went. Remember to give it some time before you see the results. Thank You