June 28, 2006

Google adsense and adwords the perfect money system?

Google adsense and adwords, two of the tools google let's us use in our quest for success. Many webmasters out there unfortunately don't take advantage of these two, a lot of us just go after google adsense. After all it's the money maker right? WRONG! By successfully using google adwords together with google adsense we can create a never ending cycle of money. Take a second and think about this we can use google adsense as WELL as google adwords. By driving traffic to our website using google adwords we can then gain our spent money on google adwords from google adsense. Now before you get all excited there is a catch. Sometimes if your website can't perform you won't be able to get your earning in the positive. By using more money on google adwords than you are gaining in google adsense you'll be at the losing end. But then again when you think about it why would a sensible webmaster spend money on a site he didn't believe was going to perform? Truth is you know your users and all you have to do is use google adwords as just a way for you to gain more users. But knowing your fan base already gives the advantage of knowing if they will indeed turn around and earn you some money. You see it's just like any other type of advertising you website except you won't lose anything and you'll be able to use the most trusted name out there as your advertiser. Now another advantage to this is the fact that your competitors, who probably just like you use google adsense, will have your ads displaying on their website. This way you get to diverge your competitor's traffic and transform it into your users. Using this system many people have been able to double their google adsense earnings using this technique. So go ahead try them out and tell me how it works out for you: Google Adwords Google Adsense Thank You