June 06, 2006

Adsense Video Ads?

As adsense recently announced their new addition to adsense family "click-to-play video ads" I took some time to explore this new feature. And it blew me away. These are actual videos played when the user chooses to play them so no wasting a user's time with slow page loading. Plus it appears to download in ht ebackground from google so there will be minimum bandwidth usage as the user presses play. It seems they thought of everything before coming out with this one. So without further adue here's a list of it's features and limits: First of all for those worried that your site's bandwidth will go up because of them, worry no more. These videos have no connection to your site except for the code. The actual videos are all on google and hosted there. Second like I pointed out earlier they can only be activated by the user pressing play so be assured that they won't be intruding upon your users. Third you will be paid in either of these two ways: site-targeted which will mean by cpm so everytime the actual ad loads. OR contextually targeted which means you will be paid once the users click on the link at the bottom of the video or at the video itself when its rolling. Fourth unlike previous adsense ads, these won't be targeted to your content unless you are using the contextual ad option. So choose wiselly as there differences between those 2 options. Fifth many publishers are worried that the contents of the ads may carry some offensive or inappropriate materials. Well once again don't worry good ol adsense comes through again each video is assured to be "family safe" through the Video Editorial Guidelines set by AdWords. (Video Editorial Guidelines Here) And yes you can watch the videos that appear on your site if you want to, to maybe make sure they meet your guidelines. Just don't click on them or the link under. So far this is all I've been able to gather more updates coming after I learn more maybe even some tricks! From you number one source of adense info: hhttp://allaboutadsense.blogspot.com/