January 13, 2006

What about others?

First let me start by apologizing for not posting in all of these days. At first I got a new girlfriend so I've been pretty busy. And then of course the holiday season rolled up which cut many of my plans short. But not to worry from here on I promise at the least a post a week. This being said let me wish you the overdue Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I think most of you have noticed the popularity of sites about adsense, and even more of you have noticed how much the adsense stock is going up in value. It's like all Webmaster are flooding google trying to get in the "new easy way to earn money". First let me laugh at the mere thought of anyone who thinks there is such a thing as easy or free money. The only way to get this kind of money is to milk your parents or friends. Even this requires a lot of begging and losing of one's dignity. Many fellow webmasters, especially new ones, don't realize the profession that is webmastering. It's more than a hobby it's to some a full time job or a career. And to some the only job they need to live their lives. So many entrepreneurs start their own websites just to join google adsense and earn "easy money". Not realizing the hard work and sweat that goes into making a succeful website. As well as a money making one. So a piece of advice to all. Webmastering is a serious field so people please take it serious because if you are not serious at anything you do you are just disappoint a lot of your visitors and as well as wasting your time. Not to mention the money lost in those visitors that think your site is a joke. Start by doing research and seriously focusing your time. No one just rushes into success it takes time and patience as well as the necessary skills. But one must admit with hard work anything can be accoplished. So please instead of starting 50 websites with about 10 visitors each a day. Start one and focus on it and get those 1,000 as well as your pride and experience. And not to mention the satisfaction that comes from knowing you didn't litter the internet with another trashy website instead you've just better it. These all will pay off in your adsense earnings sooner or later. And even if it doesn't have the satisfaction of knowing that you've created something worthy of keeping an onlooker coming back over and over again. Thank You