December 21, 2006

The Horrible Mistake That is Blogger Beta

It's finally happened folks blogger beta is now officially over. Or is it? After the ride my blog has been put through because of this horrible test now they are claiming it's done? When my feed, my template, and my post editor doesn't break for paragraphs?

Note this is my experience with my other blog all about google adsense.

It's nothing short of horrible if you ask me before you switch into the new blogger please read this post, I'll tell you all about the nightmare that is the "new blogger". The first thing I noticed when I switched to the then "blogger beta" was the fact that my feed stopped functioning for no apparent reason at all. I checked the help section and found nothing there again. But I contacted blogger and I never got a reply not even once. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt after all they must have been swamped with these kinds of requests when the blogger beta came out. So I waited about a month and tried again, again with no response whatsoever.

Finally I decided to take it to the google group of blogger and there no one could help they all just babbled on about how to check if my feed was enabled. Which, yes, an idiot with half a brain would know. So no no luck there at all. And I contacted blogger again for the second time still nothing though. And this went on ever since the blogger beta except things just got worse and worser.

First thing I noticed is the fact that none of my previous posts had any formatting any longer. Check out one of my previous posts. I looked once again all over the blogger help with nothing at all to suggest what my problem was and again the contact form to blogger with no results. At this point I was getting irritated by the fact that no one seemed to care about my blog. Then I decided to just start a new one via blogger and just transfer all my posts.

That was horrible mistake number two because I changed my mind and decided to delete that blog only to discover that it wouldn't delete. It would delete n my blogger panel but it was still very much there when you typed in the address.

Next I tried to customize my templates to my liking only to discover that I had to refresh my browser every time I edit a section because the edit button just disappeared, I am not the only one with that issue as I found out later.

With the release of blogger out of beta I got excited and I checked my feed only to be surprised with the same old error. In fact NOTHING appears to have been fixed with this launch I will continue to contact blogger though I've since given up and started using wordpress because this whole thing was a nightmare for my blog as well as my faithful visitors. this hasn't deterred me though I've created an outside feed that I update myself through feedburner and I have to format ever paragraph by itself.

I need help in getting blogger's attention on these problems please I ask all my readers including you in a desperate plea to get blogger's attention by doing whatever you can. Anything can help either a comment here or a contact to blogger (maybe they'll listen to you). It will be much appreciated since I love blogger and I really what to get this straightened out. Thank you

December 18, 2006

Google Adsense Bans Images Next To Ads

The google adsense blog just announced that images next to google adsense ads are not acceptable any longer!

They've received many emails from webmasters asking them if it's okay since it appears to increase CTR numbers by a long shot and decided to release a post about it. I had found this out earlier this month and taken down the ads on some of my sites because the google adsense team had contacted me about that.

Rumors were circulating the web that images with a visible border to the google adsense ads are acceptable but according to google these aren't either. They even released copies of what ads they consider breaking the rules:

google adsense blog

google adsense blog

This is a big downer to anyone in the Google adsense program that was getting massive earnings because of this seemingly little change.

Folks this was coming though advertisers probably complained about this since it wans in a sense "tricking" the user into noticing the users.

What do you think is this going to put a damper in your earnings?

Thank you

December 14, 2006

New Google Adsense Payment History Page

Google adsense just released a new look and even more features for google adsense. I've always complained about how complicated the payment method for google adsense is but with this new page more details appears to be the key:

First we have a yellow section that takes you to the payment center of the google adsense help section. There you can find a whole list of the process as well as the time line of the google adsense payment process.

Next the earned and payment money has been divided into two columns allowing for a user to concentrate on each better. Another section provides your monthly account balance. Whe you click details more information about what happened on that month will be given. For example your payments were sent an don.

Last we have the payment schedule which includes an exclusive look at the timeline for th google adsense payments to be delivered. If you didn't know:

Complete with color coordinations for each change in the process.

My Review:

I am thinking this is a positive step from the folks over at google adsense, next they should try simplifying this whole formula so that new users can get used. I know it took me a long time to get used to these payment method of google adsense. What do you think will this make it easier or they need to step it down a notch at least one of those steps?

Thank You

December 10, 2006

Google Image Logo On Google Adsense

It seems google adsense is trying out new ad formats no tin the sense you are thinking of though. More in the sense of removing the ads by google label with something a little easier. Relbenezon reported that google was using the image logo on it's ads instead of the normal ads by google. Check out the image below:

I don't know if this is supposed to increase CTR by catching a user's eye. But it doesn't look like it to me. If anything it screws up anything you might have going in the sense of blending you as. Not to mention the extra added bandwidth to load that image along with google's javascript. Let's just hope this isn't here to stay.

Thank You

December 08, 2006

Adsense Site Maintenance Saturday 9th

Just to warn you guys in case you didn't know google adsense is planning a site maintenance on Saturday 9th at exactly 10am PST. And it's supposed to last at least 4 hours. If you are in another country here is the time translation:

London - Saturday at 6 pm New Delhi - Saturday at 11:30 pm Ottawa - Saturday at 1 pm Sydney - Sunday at 5 am

That's all.

Thank You

December 06, 2006

Introducing SEO News Blog

Remember a while ago I said that I was going to move this blog to it's own domain? Well plans were changed and I decided instead to create a new blog sorely based on SEO it's called SEO News Blog and it will be officially launched in a week or two.

SEO news blog will focus on all aspects of the SEO industry and leave this blog to focus sorely on google adsense as it should be in the first place. So yes this is a major change and I'd like to let all my regular visitors know that I am sorry about this. But this whole thing has been bum rushed as I don't have much in terms of time this Christmas season. And I wanted the launch to go with the new Christmas season. So please bear with me as all these changes take place.

Thank You

What To Expect from Washington Post Blogroll?

The news is out well for me anyways. The washington post a prominent newspaper has decide to enter the world of online advertising. It's official called "Blogroll" according to their blog and is sure guaranteed to create a lot of buzz in the blogosphere.

If you want to skip right to the application be my guest, but if you want to learn more about it keep reading:

First things first this program is only for blogs so sorry everyone else but it is called blogroll. It a couple of features as of now:

Space Saver

This feature will assure that you don't miss out by only displaying ads that are going to make you more money than the you already had. Basically you tell them how much you earn with your normal ad company and they only show ads when they have some that will pay higher than what you earn. This is an interesting feature that if you ask me will create a lot of problems with code.

You Choose Your Advertisers

Just like many new blog programs out there you can choose which ads will display on your website. The advertisers will offer you a price and you'll choose whether to accept them or not, this way only the ads you choose will be shown.

Landing Page

You get your own "store" as they call it. So that you can direct advertisers to a page where they can buy ads for your website. Just like text link ads, except you can customize this page.

Overall I think this program is really nothing special, of course I've applied so that I can provide you guys with more info, but all this programs offers seems to have been outdid by google or many other advertising agencies out there.

December 04, 2006

100 Best Albums Made in the Last 50 Years

How cool would it be if you had an unlimited amount of space on your hardrive? But since the new rap movement all you can find when you look up lists like these, is a bunch of noisy trash that they call music nowadays.

Well I found this list of the true greatest albums in the 50 years and wanted to share them with my fellow readers. And here presenting the most off topic post I've ever done 100 Best Albums Made in the Last 50 Years.

Album Artist Label/Year released

The Essential Hank Williams Collection: Turn Back the Years Hank Williams Mercury, 2005
The College Dropout Kanye West Roc-a-Fella, 2004
Portrait of a Legend 1951 - 1964 Sam Cooke ABKCO Music & Records, 2003
Elvis: 30 No. 1 Hits Elvis Presley BMG/Elvis, 2002
The Anthology, 1947 - 1972 Muddy Waters Chess, 2001
Kid A Radiohead Capitol, 2000
Stankonia Outkast LaFace, 2000
Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea PJ Harvey UMG Recordings, 2000
The Marshall Mathers LP Eminem Interscope, 2000

Sunrise Elvis Presley BMG / Elvis, 1999
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road Lucinda Williams Universal, 1998
OK Computer Radiohead Capitol, 1997
Time Out of Mind Bob Dylan Sony, 1997
Endtroducing... DJ Shadow Mo' Wax, 1996
(What's the Story) Morning Glory Oasis Sony, 1995
Live Through This Hole Geffen, 1994
My Life Mary J. Blige MCA, 1994
Ready to Die The Notorious B.I.G. Bad Boy, 1994
Slanted and Enchanted Pavement Matador, 1992
The Chronic Dr. Dre Death Row/Interscope, 1992
Achtung Baby U2 Island, 1991
Nevermind Nirvana DGC Records, 1991
Out of Time R.E.M. Warner Brothers, 1991
Phil Spector, Back to Mono (1958 - 1969) Various Artists Abkco, 1991
Ropin' The Wind Garth Brooks Capitol, 1991
Star Time James Brown Polydor, 1991
The Low End Theory A Tribe Called Quest Jive, 1991

Like a Prayer Madonna Sire/London/Rhino, 1989
Paul's Boutique Beastie Boys Capitol, 1989
The Stone Roses The Stone Roses Jive, 1989
It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back Public Enemy Def Jam/Columbia, 1988
Straight Outta Compton N.W.A Priority, 1988
Document R.E.M. I.R.S. Records, 1987
Paid in Full Eric B. and Rakim Island, 1987
Sign O' The Times Prince Paisley Park, 1987
The Joshua Tree U2 Island, 1987
Graceland Paul Simon Warner Brothers, 1986
Master of Puppets Metallica Elektra/Wea, 1986
Raising Hell Run-DMC Arista Records/Profile, 1986
Legend Bob Marley and the Wailers--Island/Tuff Gong, 1984
Purple Rain Prince Warner Brothers, 1984
Stop Making Sense Talking Heads Warner Brothers/Wea, 1984
The Great Twenty-Eight Chuck Berry MCA, 1982
Thriller Michael Jackson Sony, 1982
Back in Black AC/DC Atlantic, 1980

London Calling The Clash Sony, 1979
One Nation Under a Groove Parliament / Funkadelic Warner Brothers, 1978
Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols The Sex Pistols Warner Brothers/Wea, 1977
Rumours Fleetwood Mac Warner Brothers, 1977
Hotel California The Eagles Elektra/Wea, 1976
Ramones The Ramones Sire, 1976
Songs in the Key of Life Stevie Wonder Motown, 1976
Born to Run Bruce Springsteen Sony, 1975
Horses Patti Smith Arista, 1975
Red Headed Stranger Willie Nelson Sony, 1975
Call Me Al Green The Right Stuff, 1973
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Elton John MCA, 1973
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust David Bowie RCA, 1972
Exile on Main Street The Rolling Stones Virgin, 1972
Talking Book Stevie Wonder UMG Recordings, 1972
The Harder They Come Jimmy Cliff and Various Artists--Island, 1972
Blue Joni Mitchell Warner Brothers/Wea, 1971
Coat of Many Colors Dolly Parton RCA, 1971
Hunky Dory David Bowie RCA, 1971
Led Zeppelin IV (a.k.a. Zoso) Led Zeppelin Wea International, 1971
Paranoid Black Sabbath Warner Brothers, 1971
Sticky Fingers The Rolling Stones Virgin, 1971
Tapestry Carole King Ode/A&M, 1971
What's Going On Marvin Gaye Motown, 1971
Who's Next The Who Mobile Fidelity, 1971
After the Gold Rush Neil Young Reprise, 1970
Bridge Over Troubled Water Simon and Garfunkel Columbia, 1970
John Lennon Plastic Ono Band Apple/EMI, 1970
Moondance Van Morrison Warner Brothers/Wea, 1970

Abbey Road The Beatles Capitol, 1969
Bitches Brew Miles Davis Sony, 1969
Stand! Sly & the Family Stone Epic, 1969
The Band The Band Capitol, 1969
Astral Weeks Van Morrison Warner Brothers/Wea, 1968
At Folsom Prison Johnny Cash Sony, 1968
Lady Soul Aretha Franklin Atlantic, 1968
The Beatles ("The White Album") The Beatles Capitol, 1968
Are You Experienced The Jimi Hendrix Experience--Experience Hendrix, 1967
I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You Aretha Franklin Atlantic, 1967
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles Capitol, 1967
The Velvet Underground and Nico The Velvet Underground Polydor/Pgd, 1967
Blonde on Blonde Bob Dylan Columbia, 1966
Pet Sounds The Beach Boys DCC, 1966
Revolver The Beatles Capitol, 1966
Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan Columbia, 1965
Otis Blue Otis Redding Atlantic, 1965
Rubber Soul The Beatles Capitol, 1965
A Love Supreme John Coltrane Impulse, 1964
Live at the Apollo (1963) James Brown Polydor, 1963
Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music Ray Charles ABC/Paramount, 1962
King of the Delta Blues Singers Robert Johnson Columbia, 1961

Kind of Blue Miles Davis Sony, 1959
Here's Little Richard Little Richard Specialty, 1957
Songs for Swingin' Lovers Frank Sinatra Capitol, 1955
In the Wee Small Hours Frank Sinatra Capitol, 1954

So do you think the list is complete? What albums am I missing that should rightfully be on there?

Awesome Free $50 Adwords Coupon For Christmas

Hurry up and grab your free $50 adwords coupon located at the google adwords website before the offer ends. I just found out about this but this should be a great way to get you started with google adwords. Thank You

December 03, 2006

Exclussive! Sneak Adsense Keywods For Higher Earnings Ever!

Here is another exclusive tip for all you adsense freaks from all about google adsense. This is a nice little trick where you sneak high paying google adsense keywords into your otherwise nothing earning website for higher profit. This is especially nice for blogs because you can do this in every post and watch you google adsense earnings climb to the top. For high paying keywords I use the google adwords keywords lookup tool. Here is an example:

I have exciting news to tell you guys and no it's not about mesothelioma lawyers, instead it's about how google adsense can earn you millions. Really my friend who is a consolidate loan student has a nice website about finding tax lawyers and he makes so much money that I don't think even a personal injury lawyer makes that much. So anyways that's what I wanted to tell you guys and don't even ask me what is mesothelioma because that's whatmalignant mesothelioma is there for.

Notice that i overdid it just to show my point. But really try sneaking at least one or two every post and you'll see your adsense earnings rise slowly. If you don't believe me check out the ads on top of this post. Thank You

Amazing Google's Secret Turbo Dancing!

If you have any kind of standing as SEO you should know by now that google is turbo dancing all over the place. Authority websites that once dominated keywords are being pushed to nothingness, everything is slowly changing.

I first noticed this when I checked the results of google on this blog you see I could never get the top position in the google SERPs for "all about google adsense" but recently out of nowhere after pushing a LOT of google sites it got to the top! Check out all about google adsense if you don't believe me. But that's not all this evening I checked put my google analytics SERPs and guess what of keywords I rank for? "social bookmark adsense" "google+ads+history" and this one really surprised me "google adsense tricks".

Somehow in all this chaos this blog has managed to come out on top in a lot of things. And even though I was planning on moving it to it's domain soon I am gonna hold out for a while to see what happens. heck who knows I might finally be becoming an authority website.

But some websites are getting the short end of the stick from google users from digitalpoint and webmastertalk are crying foul.

In all most people really don't know what's going on. Is google coming out with new features as it claims on the official google blog? Or has google finally came out with another "google slap" like the one it did a couple of years ago creating the google "sandbox"?

Thank You

December 02, 2006

The Greatest MSN Holiday Challenge Win up to $50,000 Daily Amazing!

MSN has pulled it's string to start the biggest MSN Holiday Challenge ever! You can win $10,000 ,$20,000 , and most of all a whoppin' $50,000!! That's not all they joined up with 4 of the hottest celebrities around Kristin Cavallari, Al Roker, Jerry Rice and Perez Hilton!

The challenge features the above celebrities in videos giving you clues to parts of MSN once you find the answers you answer three questions and you are immediately entered into the daily drawing. The MSN Holiday Challenge of course has a couple of rules. But it shouldn't be hard for the SEO and web masters that regularly visit my blog right? Well enjoy yourself and drop us a comment if you do win.

Thank You

Find Out If Your Website Is Perfect!!!

Rackspace took a survey of Internet users to find out what they like most about a website and the results were made into a tool that calculates how perfect your website is according to their research:

83% of respondents reported ease of navigation as being the most important factor in their 'ideal' website, with 62% rating high speed and 49% rating functionality as the other key factors 80% of people surveyed rated a clean and simple overall design as their most desirable design factor with only 6% wanting innovative use of flash and multimedia options Running a faster (61%) and easier to navigate (52%) website were the two most popular improvements people would make to internet sites today. In order to understand the formula, Rackspace has given the following explanation:
Pwebsite = the degree of perfection of the website
EaseNav = ease of navigation
Speed = the speed at which pages load
CleanDes = clean and simple design
Func = functionality -' does what it says on the tin'
Up = the site is always alive
Pops = the site tries to give you pop-ups
Ads = excessive advertising
MultiM = Flash and other multimedia

62% of the users rated high speed as the most import factor of a website. And surprisingly only 25% rated speed and uptime as their most important factors. Funny huh? Anyways the rate your website tool gave this site a solid 95%. I guess to get 100% I gotta remove all ads....not happening, I gotta make a living. Thank You