December 06, 2006

What To Expect from Washington Post Blogroll?

The news is out well for me anyways. The washington post a prominent newspaper has decide to enter the world of online advertising. It's official called "Blogroll" according to their blog and is sure guaranteed to create a lot of buzz in the blogosphere.

If you want to skip right to the application be my guest, but if you want to learn more about it keep reading:

First things first this program is only for blogs so sorry everyone else but it is called blogroll. It a couple of features as of now:

Space Saver

This feature will assure that you don't miss out by only displaying ads that are going to make you more money than the you already had. Basically you tell them how much you earn with your normal ad company and they only show ads when they have some that will pay higher than what you earn. This is an interesting feature that if you ask me will create a lot of problems with code.

You Choose Your Advertisers

Just like many new blog programs out there you can choose which ads will display on your website. The advertisers will offer you a price and you'll choose whether to accept them or not, this way only the ads you choose will be shown.

Landing Page

You get your own "store" as they call it. So that you can direct advertisers to a page where they can buy ads for your website. Just like text link ads, except you can customize this page.

Overall I think this program is really nothing special, of course I've applied so that I can provide you guys with more info, but all this programs offers seems to have been outdid by google or many other advertising agencies out there.