December 02, 2006

Find Out If Your Website Is Perfect!!!

Rackspace took a survey of Internet users to find out what they like most about a website and the results were made into a tool that calculates how perfect your website is according to their research:

83% of respondents reported ease of navigation as being the most important factor in their 'ideal' website, with 62% rating high speed and 49% rating functionality as the other key factors 80% of people surveyed rated a clean and simple overall design as their most desirable design factor with only 6% wanting innovative use of flash and multimedia options Running a faster (61%) and easier to navigate (52%) website were the two most popular improvements people would make to internet sites today. In order to understand the formula, Rackspace has given the following explanation:
Pwebsite = the degree of perfection of the website
EaseNav = ease of navigation
Speed = the speed at which pages load
CleanDes = clean and simple design
Func = functionality -' does what it says on the tin'
Up = the site is always alive
Pops = the site tries to give you pop-ups
Ads = excessive advertising
MultiM = Flash and other multimedia

62% of the users rated high speed as the most import factor of a website. And surprisingly only 25% rated speed and uptime as their most important factors. Funny huh? Anyways the rate your website tool gave this site a solid 95%. I guess to get 100% I gotta remove all ads....not happening, I gotta make a living. Thank You