December 03, 2006

Exclussive! Sneak Adsense Keywods For Higher Earnings Ever!

Here is another exclusive tip for all you adsense freaks from all about google adsense. This is a nice little trick where you sneak high paying google adsense keywords into your otherwise nothing earning website for higher profit. This is especially nice for blogs because you can do this in every post and watch you google adsense earnings climb to the top. For high paying keywords I use the google adwords keywords lookup tool. Here is an example:

I have exciting news to tell you guys and no it's not about mesothelioma lawyers, instead it's about how google adsense can earn you millions. Really my friend who is a consolidate loan student has a nice website about finding tax lawyers and he makes so much money that I don't think even a personal injury lawyer makes that much. So anyways that's what I wanted to tell you guys and don't even ask me what is mesothelioma because that's whatmalignant mesothelioma is there for.

Notice that i overdid it just to show my point. But really try sneaking at least one or two every post and you'll see your adsense earnings rise slowly. If you don't believe me check out the ads on top of this post. Thank You


Diddy1 said...

lol yes I just realized I spelled keywords wrong o well too late now.

Thank You