December 03, 2006

Amazing Google's Secret Turbo Dancing!

If you have any kind of standing as SEO you should know by now that google is turbo dancing all over the place. Authority websites that once dominated keywords are being pushed to nothingness, everything is slowly changing.

I first noticed this when I checked the results of google on this blog you see I could never get the top position in the google SERPs for "all about google adsense" but recently out of nowhere after pushing a LOT of google sites it got to the top! Check out all about google adsense if you don't believe me. But that's not all this evening I checked put my google analytics SERPs and guess what of keywords I rank for? "social bookmark adsense" "google+ads+history" and this one really surprised me "google adsense tricks".

Somehow in all this chaos this blog has managed to come out on top in a lot of things. And even though I was planning on moving it to it's domain soon I am gonna hold out for a while to see what happens. heck who knows I might finally be becoming an authority website.

But some websites are getting the short end of the stick from google users from digitalpoint and webmastertalk are crying foul.

In all most people really don't know what's going on. Is google coming out with new features as it claims on the official google blog? Or has google finally came out with another "google slap" like the one it did a couple of years ago creating the google "sandbox"?

Thank You


yragcom1 said...

Um...your Page Rank is 0. Looks like Google bitch slapped you, too.

Diddy1 said...

Really? Looks like a four to me.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

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