December 18, 2006

Google Adsense Bans Images Next To Ads

The google adsense blog just announced that images next to google adsense ads are not acceptable any longer!

They've received many emails from webmasters asking them if it's okay since it appears to increase CTR numbers by a long shot and decided to release a post about it. I had found this out earlier this month and taken down the ads on some of my sites because the google adsense team had contacted me about that.

Rumors were circulating the web that images with a visible border to the google adsense ads are acceptable but according to google these aren't either. They even released copies of what ads they consider breaking the rules:

google adsense blog

google adsense blog

This is a big downer to anyone in the Google adsense program that was getting massive earnings because of this seemingly little change.

Folks this was coming though advertisers probably complained about this since it wans in a sense "tricking" the user into noticing the users.

What do you think is this going to put a damper in your earnings?

Thank you


Lisa said...

I removed the ads I had with images next to them as soon as I heard about this (there were only 4 or 5 on my whole site) and my adsense earnings have dropped to pretty much zero in the past week.