December 21, 2006

The Horrible Mistake That is Blogger Beta

It's finally happened folks blogger beta is now officially over. Or is it? After the ride my blog has been put through because of this horrible test now they are claiming it's done? When my feed, my template, and my post editor doesn't break for paragraphs?

Note this is my experience with my other blog all about google adsense.

It's nothing short of horrible if you ask me before you switch into the new blogger please read this post, I'll tell you all about the nightmare that is the "new blogger". The first thing I noticed when I switched to the then "blogger beta" was the fact that my feed stopped functioning for no apparent reason at all. I checked the help section and found nothing there again. But I contacted blogger and I never got a reply not even once. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt after all they must have been swamped with these kinds of requests when the blogger beta came out. So I waited about a month and tried again, again with no response whatsoever.

Finally I decided to take it to the google group of blogger and there no one could help they all just babbled on about how to check if my feed was enabled. Which, yes, an idiot with half a brain would know. So no no luck there at all. And I contacted blogger again for the second time still nothing though. And this went on ever since the blogger beta except things just got worse and worser.

First thing I noticed is the fact that none of my previous posts had any formatting any longer. Check out one of my previous posts. I looked once again all over the blogger help with nothing at all to suggest what my problem was and again the contact form to blogger with no results. At this point I was getting irritated by the fact that no one seemed to care about my blog. Then I decided to just start a new one via blogger and just transfer all my posts.

That was horrible mistake number two because I changed my mind and decided to delete that blog only to discover that it wouldn't delete. It would delete n my blogger panel but it was still very much there when you typed in the address.

Next I tried to customize my templates to my liking only to discover that I had to refresh my browser every time I edit a section because the edit button just disappeared, I am not the only one with that issue as I found out later.

With the release of blogger out of beta I got excited and I checked my feed only to be surprised with the same old error. In fact NOTHING appears to have been fixed with this launch I will continue to contact blogger though I've since given up and started using wordpress because this whole thing was a nightmare for my blog as well as my faithful visitors. this hasn't deterred me though I've created an outside feed that I update myself through feedburner and I have to format ever paragraph by itself.

I need help in getting blogger's attention on these problems please I ask all my readers including you in a desperate plea to get blogger's attention by doing whatever you can. Anything can help either a comment here or a contact to blogger (maybe they'll listen to you). It will be much appreciated since I love blogger and I really what to get this straightened out. Thank you

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