November 30, 2006

Google Apps for Your Domain

Google Aps for your domain is a nice little gem that comes rolling out the google team's office. And like google analytics Google Aps for Your Domain is an easier way to use your website to it's full potential. These tools were designed to better your website and help your team to communicate and work better not to mention faster all in accessible via your browser. There are in total as of now 5 of these tools:

  • A start page that has everything and every feature as google's personal page but with more. You can control what of gadgets your team will be allowed to use on their start page. With their email, a calendar and the ability to search the Internet all included.
  • Gmail with 2 gigabytes of memory available for each account especially can be included in your website.
  • Google Talk comes equipped so that you and your team can communicate in real-time.
  • Google Calendar of course to schedule all of your meetings as well as birthdays and such special days.
  • Google Page Creator can be used to allow your team to create these especially built pages for your website.
Keeping in mind that all these tools will be added to your website with google as the middleman. I went ahead and tried it out for one of my websites and you can check it out at precharge projectnet google aps. My Review I give it an 8 out of five. It was easy to use but at the same time I ran into some bugs that google must still be working on. If you'd like to check out the official post it's at the Google Analytics Blog. Thank You


Anonymous said...

My site runs on Google Apps. It is incomplete, but it only took a single night to set up.

Not to bad considering I have no expertise in the field.

My only concern regards Googlepages. It is way too dumbed-down. It would be nice if Google could implement some sort of CMS (like a simplified Drupal) to better handle webpage building.

Diddy1 said...

Google knows it needs to improve it's googlepages but be assured with the release of google apps they area going to concentrate more on it.