November 26, 2006

Top Ten SEO Obvious Deadly Sins

SEO is a trade with two sides: one the easy one are obvious mistakes you shouldn't make, these are the deadliest, and another which is the most complicated one that will give you that extra edge is SERPs. The easy ones can be summarized in ten easy and again obvious lists. But no matter how easy every now and then I see a website that terribly violates one of these or perhaps even more. Dooming it to the very end of SERPs. So for the record for everyone out there here they are:

1. Do NOT include your url in your website's title.
I know it may seem cool to let everyone know which website they are on but I think we all know where they have to look in order to know where they are. And to be honest if they can't figure it out heck just leave them lost in the vast world of the Internet. Seriously though this will bring your SERPs even lower since the url of your website will barely be found in your content. Links don't count.

2. Your tile should, at maximum, be 65 characters long.
Keep it short I don't think you have that many related keywords on one page. And remember to cut out ordinary words that you can never even hope to rank for like "it".

3. Do NOT repeat keywords in your description.
You may no think google cares about your description but it does and repeated keywords will get you stupid penalties for no reason. And try to keep it at maximum 200 characters.

4. Again Do NOT repeat keywords in your keywords META tag.
This is just like asking for your website to disappear people.

5. Do NOT join those tacky link exchange sites.
Sure they promise you links, but those links are put on a page with NOTHING but links. So there is no use to you. Instead it'll give you a temporary boost until google figures it out and BAM! next thing you know your website is know out.

6. Keyword stuffing is just plain stupid.
You may be tempted to put nothing but your keywords on a page but if you do tell how it turns ou tin a year or two. I don't think I need to warn any smart guys out there.

7. Stay away from BLACK HATS.
We all have heard of the amazing techniques to get your site on top of the SERPs, but what they don't tell you is how long you are going to keep that top spot. igive i ttwo to three months and you site is BANNED from google. I don't care what anyone says any underhanded trick in my book is crap.

8. Use flash and images SPARINGLY.
The key word there is sparingly. Some people seem to think it's a pretty cool idea to have their whole website as flash. Sure new movies and big starts can get away with that. But an independent website will be just digging it's own grave.

9. Navigation is also for the Search Engines.
So keep them html or php or anything they can see also. I can't tell you how many sites use javascript and flash as their navigation putting a big block on the googlebot.

10. Beyond SEO
The last mistake is optimizing your website for every search engine out there except, oh, that's right the user. After all your work getting visitors from SERPs and when they get there they immediately leave. Because you've forgotten that the whole point of SEO is the user.

It doesn't matter what others think these are the things you need to take care of first. Keep these things in mind and THEN move on to advance techniques. Which I happen to plan on covering extensively in the future.


Lars Koudal said...

Good and informative list of no-no's .. I must admit I had to make a few changes quickly to my own site, although I am sure there might be more to change once you look at it more thoroughly... Thanks for them