November 18, 2006

Google Adwords Site Optimizer Beta

I was browsing around when I fell on this new beta for adwords users that gives you tips and information about optimizing your website:

Website Optimizer is a free and self-service tool. Without extensive experience or resources, you can run multivariate experiments on landing page content, including headlines, promotional copy, and images. Complete the steps below and sign-up to participate in our beta test. We can only invite a small number of advertisers at this time, but hope to open the tool to all Advertisers over the coming months.

While Website Optimizer is integrated into AdWords, it tests all traffic to your site – including traffic from your AdWords ads, Google search results and any other source of traffic to your site.

It's located here Website Optimizer - Adwords - Google If anyone is already in don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Thank You