June 20, 2006

The Million Dollar Word!

That's right I said it, or wrote it. Keywords are THE number one way to make sure you are ahead on your google adsense game. The thing is there are a lot of subjects out there but many have advertisers who are willing to shell as much as needed to get your visitors. And some topics no one is willing to pay a penny for it. Your job as a webmaster and a google adsense publisher is to figure out which of those uncountable topics will get you the most money per click. Well I have to admit some of us spend hours searching to find out those magic million dollar words. But few of us ever find ones we can build on and create a decent website. Unlike what those lowlifes out there are doing by making websites with nothing but money in mind. So without further delay let me first share with you the few decent tools out there that can help you with this subject. First things first google has a keyword tool itself but I suggest you ignore that as it is not affective. Now the advertising giant overture has a few hidden tools that cover just about what the whole wide web is looking for. In other words it has so many connections that it can affectively get you the results you want. One of it's tool is a keyword selector tool which manly means it shows you how many times the entered keyword was searched by users across a wide audience: Overture Keyword Selector Tool Now then moving on anyone ever heard of wordtracker? Well basically it tracks the best paying keywords out there for you. But it costs money. But an avid webmaster is not stopped by such a mere obstacle. This nice little tool does the same thing except you can also choose to include overture, that's right this is gold people: 123promotion But there is more, I won't stop there I am here to help you achieve your ultimate goal. That is I assume to not only to gain money from google adsense but to please the internet users whose lives will be brightened by your creation. This tool well it's hard to describe it does so much check it out for yourself: Pixelfast Overture Tool Well there you go so far that's the best I've been able to find. So stop wasting your money on those "1000 hottest keywords" fakers find them and get them yourself. Of course those tools mean nothing to you if you are dedicated to your website. Those are merely for those of you who are starting out. Or looking to spice their websites up a bit more. Hope this helps. Thank You