June 19, 2006

Hot Off The Press!

As many webmasters know the longer you work with google adsense the more you get to know it. Just anything else in life experience is a must. But we all have to start somewhere right? Someone has to show us the ropes. And let's not forget that others can help in this by telling us of their experiences so we can learn from them. So just like Grandpa's stories I do the same thing here with this website, but on the google adsense topic not on the wars and hardships of World War two. And one of the things I've recently learned in my continuing research is the fact that the url of the website has an affect on your google adsense ads. That's why I've been getting more ads about blogs than google adsense even though I've never written about them on this site. So there you goes another weapon for your campaign of cashing in those adsense checks. I realize that many others out there may have some other tricks to tell us about google adsense. So I am offering to anyone who has an idea or a way we can all prosper in our adsense earnings is free to email me said article.( just to make sure it's appropriate before posting it). And I will post on the blog if I see that this may be useful to us webmasters. The email is Diddy1[at]gmail.com Thank You and I hope this will bring all of us google adsense gurus new found knowledge.