July 07, 2006

Banned from Google Adsense?

Banned from Google Adsense? The dreaded email no one wants to receive. Many people out there like pushing the envelope on what's allowed in the Google Adsense TOS. This causes Google Adsense to constantly monitor a lot of websites. Which could lead to you getting banned from Google Adsense, but what people don't realize is this is both highly unlikely and ludicrous. Many a times Google Adsense warns you when you are violating the Google TOS they don't just outright ban you. They are people just like us it's not the army where you get punished for every little thing. That's not their agenda they are here to help you. They will warn you and keep your account suspended until you fix the said problem that's it. As soon as the problem is solved you are back on your way. Even in the extreme cases where you are actually banned you can contact the Google Adsense team and they will let you know what the issue was. Please notice that this is only done to repeat offenders people who think if they noticed it once they won't see it again. But a careful and better webmaster in this case won't get caught in this. Many people go around the Internet telling tales of how they got banned for no reason these are lies. Why would a successful ad program like Google Adsense just have it in for a certain webmaster. Problem is they probably messed something up and they expected nothing to happen. The fact if you check archive.org on the said date they got banned on that website you'll see it too. Like some idiots actually remove "Ads by Google" link to see if they can get more clicks. This is just plain stupid. Keep in mind that there are a LOT of Google Adsense users worldwide why does Google Adsense just choose to pick on a few to just ban them for no reason whatsoever? The thing is Google Adsense is stuck between two kind of users; advertisers and publishers. And it has to make sure each receives an equal opportunity. With this being said I challenge anyone who claims to have been banned for no reason to show me evidence that this is true. Don't let these few misdemeanors scare you away from an opportunity like Google Adsense it's trustworthy and happens to be a stable money making machine, IF used right. Thank You