July 17, 2006

You could lose all of your money!

Google Adsense is not foolproof! Click Fraud is a problem it and other advertising agencies face. Ranging from advertisers trying to bring down their competitors to webmasters trying to earn a few quick bucks by clicking their own ads it's an ever rising problem. On new stastics recently published a surprisingly 14.1 percent of all clicks were fraudulent. Collected from 1,300 on-line marketers. This is a rise from 13.7 percent of three months ago this rate is causing some concerns from all advertising agencies. Many advertisers have joined groups that specifically tract clicks collected form publishers, programs such as Click Forensics. Google and Yahoo have been predominately leaders in the ongoing fight against click fraud. This whoever hasn't stopped the lass-action lawsuits against the both of them. Now how does this effect you a publisher? Well first and foremost an honest webmaster should be concerned if and when fraudulent outsiders try to deface your site's value in any way. The fight against click fraud shouldn't stop with the parent companies it is up to us too to defend our on-line endeavors. If we can't generate revenues we may not be able to keep up with the costs of our websites. And our honest to God users will suffer from a few mischievous users. Click fraud has caused many legit webmasters to be suspended or even banned from Google Adsense for no apparent fault on their side! Causing a lot of hours to correct other mistakes. But how can we join this fight you ask? By making sure we keep up with our websites. Get updates on time if you have your own severs, as automatic scripts are a wide problem out there. Check out your users' tracks to see who and when they were there. So as a time when the crime is committed you know who. Tracking programs are all over the Internet even Google offers free Google Analytics ; a way to tract your visitors remotely. We can't accept this rising issue to become a problem we have to curb this ourselves before it gets out of hand. Thank You