July 08, 2006

Google Adsense Layout Trick!

White and black; the colors of our World. Have you ever noticed how many things are in black and white? Even in this century where our technological advances have allowed us the use of the most extensive color usage. Many people still go with the old time favorite of black on white. It's considered a gold mine when it comes to designing of just about everything. The simple fact always comes back that black and white are still long time favorites. Google Adsense of course is no difference in this philosophy. Many webmasters have incorporated this traditional thinking into the new age technology of the Internet. Fact is no matter how many colors there are out there black and whites websites still hold the numbers over their fortuitous counterparts. And I am here to tell you that my personal best working combination have and has always been black on white. On this website I used a variation to give my site a kind of bland look, all keeping in mind the old favorites of black and white. We can't forget about the Google Adsense ads now they need to be a sort of different color. Kind of grab the attention of the user. If your objective is to draw attention to your ads as much as possible I suggest you make them fruitful, this will make them stand out. Therefore bringing the viewer's eyes on the exact place you want them to be. Fact is most people who blend in their ads have their visitors ignore them because they probably didn't even notice them. I am not saying blending in your Google Adsense ads is bad just the fact that your users are different. The blending is just one technique and it's not, in any way, a guarantee of a maximum revenue from your Google Adsense. Many webmasters find that just the opposite works better, to me it all depends on your audience. Museums bring the masterpieces into the most lighted rooms, celebrities are brought under the spotlight what's stopping your main attraction from using the same thing? Thank You