July 18, 2006

A Post a Day Keeps You Money Happy!

Google Adsense has been trying to get into the blogging business for a while now it's a known fact. Blogger, the blog service Google bought a while ago, has a feature where you can integrate your Google Adsense automatically into your blog. Why the sudden interest you might ask in blogging? Well it's been a know fact now that blogging has become the internet's leading news source. Everyone has a couple of blogs that they check at least once a day. this sensation of course took the real World by storm also. As bloggers are now quoted by news networks like CNN,BBC,NY Times.. and so on. It makes sense as blogging has always been a way for people to express themselves on the Internet. Many people keep personal blogs about their daily lives. Everyone has heard about the famous cases where workers are getting fired for saying opinions against the companies they work for, the workers of course have fired back which has become a real media event. With all of this media attention advertising companies rushed to get in on this newly founded traffic. Google Adsense immediately opened it's eyes and a while later Google acquired the Blogger service. Famous at the time for it's automatic features and easy to access controls. Though there are more choices out there for a starting blogger, Blogger seems to be the easiest at least to me. The reason behind this has always been the way people frequently updated their blogs making for new fresher content almost everyday. And as well know Google Adsense and Google in common love new content not to mention your visitors. Which explains a post a day keeps you money happy! Thank You