July 24, 2006

Call It A Google Blog!

Google Adsense as we know has been trying to get it's hands on the rising popularity of weblogs or blogs for short. Recently everyone has been getting themselves a blog it's drawing a lot people from Internet entrepreneurs to advertising agencies. Google of course isn't left out as it bought bloggers and decided to quickly implement a Google Adsense choice giving bloggers and easier way to put Adsense into their weblogs. Without further a due let's discuss all the necessities of a successful blog. First and foremost dynamic content, meaning fresh updates as much as you can. This is what made the blogs get so much attention in the first place. Second make sure you are pinging that's right sounds funny doesn't it? Well it's a blogging necessity basically it's way to let people know when you've updated your blog. There a websites out there that focus on advertising your blog for free when it is updated. Check out one of my favorite ones that pings a lot of those sites for free all at once! Pingoat And don't forget getting an rss or atom feed for your weblog. Which is a way to let your users know be able to get your updated posts and other recently updated posts. If you don't have one or don't know how to set one up head on over to the most popular feed handler that most bloggers use: Feedburner . Those are the basics of blogging now let's go straight to the desert. How to make money with your blog you ask? With the rise of popularity of blogs many advertising agencies are focusing on blogs as well as feeds. Google Adsense of course wasn't any different. First as always blend your ads to your blog to make it seem like your useful links. And next call attention to your ads by giving it a title in bold. Let's say "sponsors" be sure however to check out your advertiser's rules to make sure you don't run in any problems. I know for a fact that Google Adsense allows this as long as it doesn't mislead the user. If you are not sure about a title just contact their team and they'll let you know. One method most bloggers don't employ is placing a Sky-scrapper ad as it's called in their navigational menu. Not realizing that most users use it to find information on their blogs, so it's most likely to get most views. So be sure to put something vertical in your navigation menu. For those with blogger check Blogger Adsense In Sidebar. Another overlooked fact is that most blogs have a search feature in their sidebar which can be substituted with a Google Search increasing your chances of money as well as giving your users relevant searches of your website, so it's a win-win situation all the way. If you want to go out and get the cake of course you can include a referral links at the end of your posts. As this is where most user's eyes rest when finished reading a post and most referral programs have no limit to how much links per page giving you the option of putting it in every post. Another helpful links is a new Google heat-map for blogs for those familiar with the website heat-map by Google this should be very useful. This new heat-map shows the best places that have worked to get the most money out of others blogs. Check it out Google Blog Heatmap. Well that's about it I present you with the plate as well as the just deserts now it's up to you to dig in. Thank You