July 22, 2006

New Adsense Feature: Site Diagnostics

Google Adsense has decide to release a new feature for Google Adsense Publishers called Site Diagnostics. The name implies the meaning of course. It is simply a way that the gracious Google Adsense team has come up to help any struggling webmasters or publishers who can't seem to reap the profits that the Google Adsense hype promised. It's easy to find just as soon as you login look at the reports tag and the options under it, there at the far right there should be a Site Diagnostics. Then immediately you are greeted with a page about site crawler diagnostics it's basically how the Google Adsense spiderbot crawls your website and what problems it may have encountered. However it crawls only weekly so at this point I have not received info about my site, so I can share with you guys the insides and outs. In extreme cases it appears sometimes it may not be abe to crawl said website in such a situation it displays the URL in the info box. There is only two case that the spiderbot may mark your website nor crawlable: first if your robots.txt file forbids it from visiting the site, second if your website was down when it visited your website. But in extreme cases it may be your host blocking the Google Adsense Spiderbot in which case you should proceed to contact them and have this taken xcare of. This should help to answer questions with users who couldn't get any relevant ads to their website. In any case this is an exciting new development as most of us had to write to the team and wait for the email to get any suggestions or answers to our problems. This new feature will serve to make Google Adsense that much easier to use. Thank You