July 25, 2006

Sitemap For Your Blog

Google Sitemap is a nice way to let Google know you'ev updated your website and it needs to send it's crawler to check the new content. But everyone knows that this has been hard for us bloggers to do for the single fact that we can't upload the sitemaps on the Blogger server. Well despair no longer. This trick will get your blog a Gooogle Sitemap suing your rss or atom feed. What you need for this is obviously an rss or atom and not to forget a google account, don't panic I'll show you a way get both. For starters feeds are made by many services as making them yourself is a pain. One of my favorite is Feedburner. And just follow the instructions on the site. Now then on to the Google account these are easy to obtain just go to gmail.com and register an email address, also any google service that requires them say google Sitempas offers you a way to ge tan account free so no to worry. And finally here is how to get that sitemap:

1. Head on to the Google Sitemaps Website and register an account with Google if you don't already have one.
2. On the "add site" url box enter the normal url of your blog.
3. Now your blog should be listed on the bottom as manageyourblogurlhere. Then choose the "Add sitemap" next to your blog url.
4. In the choice box choose Add General Web Sitemap
5. You should see the following:
1-I have created a Sitemap in a supported format.
2-I have uploaded my Sitemap to the highest-level directory to which I have access.
6. Enter your site's feed url in the Feed Url text box. Press enter.
7. Go back to the main site and you should see a link next to your blog's url saying verify. Click on it and you hav etwo options uploading an HTML file or adding a meta tag to your blog. This step is to simply verify you own said blog. As we can't upload the file which is the problem in the first case choose the meta tag choice. Then they will give you a meta tag to add to your blog.
8. Now we have to figure out a way to let Google know we've updated the sitemap ie. feed. This simple sitemap ping url should work. using this simple Google Sitemap Pingtool should work.

There you are all done from know on Google will crawl each and every post you have on your blog. Thank You