July 01, 2006

Top Five Alternatives To Google Adsense!

Now even though I've dedicated this blog to Google Adsense I think I should give everybody a chance. So I've decided to compile a list and description of the next best advertising programs out to help you fully monetize your websites: Clicksor:
This service is copy of google adsense in almost every way it offers Cost Per Visit, Cost Per Click / Pay per Click and Cost Per Thousand Impression metrics. It supports both publishers and advertisers and also offers targeted ads. Adbrite:
Adbrite tries a totally new way to advertise products. It let's publishers compete for ad space on advertisers' websites. This means the publishers will come at you with offers the one with the most wins. The advantage is that if your website's worth it you stand to make mega cash. The disadvantage is the fact that publishers may choose to ignore your website leaving you with nothing. AllFeeds:
AllFeeds has a lot of services covering a wide range of advertising, heck it even has a way to inter grate their into Google Adsense but they only replace public service ads. It has: Contextual ads, Popaway ads, Text Links, Search Boxes, DHTML Popaways, and your own Free Web Site Portal. The advantage is clear it has the most options of any advertising program I know. The is that not many people use it and tends to dull and take years to get anything done. Chitika:
Chitika offers a wide range of products that can be accessed used their eMiniMalls as they call them. The advantages are the fact that it adapts to which products your users tend to get interested in the most. Of course the big disadvantage is the fact that not each site will have a product relating to it. And the fact that the user has to purchase said product in order for you to get paid. Kanoodle:
Kanoodle has a lot of innovate ideas in ad publishing. Including a new thing called BrightAds Cookies which you use a code to drop cookies on a user's browser cache, so when a user visits another site in the Kanoodle network, they can show them ads that will appeal to them. And you get a portion of the clicks on those. They also employ the intrusive pop-under which basically appears from the bottom of your page and load into windows themselves. Users hate these since there few ways to block them and interfere with their browsing. The advantages are these new systems and the disadvantages is your users won't be happy. Now I know there are way more programs out there but to me these are the ones that make it to the top. Even though yahoo's new publisher program seems to be raising a lot of voices it's still in beta and the finished product could be far from whats expected. Thank You