July 15, 2006

Google Adsense Section Targeting Explained!

Google Adsense offers a relatively new feature called "section targeting" which goes hand to hand with it's counterpart the "section ignore". A powerful weapon to any webmaster out there this is a goldmine. And I am happy to tell you all about it. Basically you can point to the Google Adsense spider bot and say here only look at this leave everything else alone. Or with the "section ignore" feature tell it to completely ignore the preceding content. Think about it now you can specifically tell Google Adsense to display the ads that you want. This is a big help for those whose pages have mixed subjects yet find their Google Adsense focused on not the main subject but trivial one. Say for example you sell shoes but you also have a shoelace section you don't certainly want your Google Adsense ads about shoelaces, so you point it to the real content. This is done quite easily actual with a minimal piece of code that is in a form of a comment in HTML form. For those of you out there who don't know what this is it basically means your users won't be able to see the code nor will it affect your website in any way. It is to be placed between the body tags, as this is where your real content is. It goes like this: And of course to end it just insert this code at the place where you want the Google Adsense spiderbot to stop: So it would look something like this on your website: The content between those two tags will be the only content the Google Adsense Spiderbot crawls. Giving you the option to decide what is important and what is no to it. In a way point it in the right direction. And of course it's counter part the "section ignore" tags. They will effectively tell the Google Adsense Spiderbot to ignore the content between these two tags: Please note whoever that this feature does not affect the Google Spiderbot in any way only the Google Adsense Spiderbot responds to these. And pleas be careful not to designate the content to be looked at too small as this will cause Google Adsense to display PSAs. And as any code change this may take Google Adsense two weeks before it responds to the tags, but it's generally faster than that some get response in two days. Another things to keep in mind is the fact that the Google Adsense Spiderbot will still crawl your whole website it just will respond to the selection. This will help in eliminating webmasters who try to use this trick to get irrelevant but high paying ads on their websites. As it reports any irregularities in content and may be checked out by the Google Adsense Team I suggest you only use this method properly. Thank You