August 02, 2006

Highest Paying Adsense Keywords Myth Unveiled

Among the many things google Adsense users have been suckered into is the fact of the "Highest Paying Adsense Keywords". Anyone who is sick of hearing about the "magic money words" raise your hand, o really all of you raised your hands? Well rest assured you are not the only one. It's pathetic out there, those who can't make money off of Google Adsense they all flock to try their luck at making money from those who still seek the hidden adsense treasures. Truth be told not only are keywords a factor but millions of other factors also count. How many people out there have a website about mesothelioma yet have to receive just one penny? Maybe they should have thought about traffic, users, SEO and so many other things that I can't even begin to list. This is fine by me as long as they don't affect me. But the recent rise in MFA's or Made For Adsense has me worried. What in the world are these people thinking? Millions of adsense ebooks, thousands of lists, and even more millions of abandoned sites raised in the hope of quick adsense riches soon turned bankrupt. You'd think many would have caught on by now, but more na dmor esuckers keep falling for this hideous Google Adsense trap. Truly if their secrets were so great and worth selling why would they want to share them? Microsoft is not an open-source OS because of one thing, if it works and it makes money keep it to yourself. Therefore more money for you. If they wanted to help beginners in adsense why not offer them free out of the goodness of their hearts? It sickens me how the Google Adsense vacuum is sweeping the internet. Overlooking the true goal of Google Adsense; to provide quality ads for quality websites. Thank You