August 30, 2006

New SEO Contest win up to $1,000!

Hey guys it's your good folks at All About Google Adsense here for another exclusive. Who here has heard of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) contest? Well just in case they are contests aimed at seeing who has the most SEO skills in a group of people. Usually it's based on the search engine google. SO whoever has the highest website on a given keyword wins the pot. Usually of course the contestants have a required html code to ensure that the winning website is a contestant.

Without further ado I present to you the new SEO contest hosted by the folks over at preCharge Forum. The contest is on the keywords "precharge projectnet". And the search engine is google. The prizes are incredible first prize is a whooping' $1,000 and the prizes go on till 5th place:

2nd Place Winner
* 1GB Creative Labs Nano from Amazon
* 5 Domain Registrations from Domain Site
3rd Place Winner
* 1 Template from TemplateMonster - Up to a $75.00 Value
* $25.00 Gift Certificate from Amazon
4th Place Winner
* $10.00 Cash
5Th Place Winner
* $5.00 Cash

As the official all about google adsense representative I staked it out and of course joined in this contest to test my SEO skills. The official url of the contest , and of course the search query in google they'll use to announce the winner. The domain has to be a new one to ensure fairness.

My entry to the precharge projectnet. It's second right now but if you want to support me you can link to it from your website. Either way I wish good luck to all of you and hope the best man wins if you decide to join us.

Thank You