August 08, 2006

Testing To Find Which Adsense Banners Work Better

Google Adsense rolled out with this new way to find out which of your ads perform better. But with the code I will provide you can use it to randomly display 2 adsense ads in order to figure out which ones pay better. This will show each of your chosen two randomly each being shown to 50% percent of your users. Which means some users will see on e type some will see the other, in the same spot. A/B testing of Google Ads has been a favorite among webmasters to find out which ads work better. But each had to use a time frame, with this new technique approved by the Adsense Team you can show two randomly interchanging each other. Okay so let's begin, first you need two custom channels of course for each different ad in order to tract each individually. This code I am about to give you will have a place for each Google Adsense code: The code for your first bloc goes where the lines //your first ad unit goes here and the second to the //your second ad unit code goes here. And I mean your whole ad unit code in each. Each code is guaranteed to be shown after every other refresh so you have no worries. Most people however use their already ad unit code and use a new ad code they were thinking of putting in on the second one. This way you can see the results and decide to keep the old unit or the new one. Note: This code for the ads was approved by the Adsense Team. Check their post on the Google Adsense Blog. Thank You