August 12, 2006

New Chitika Shoplinc CPC Program

Many people have been expecting Chitika's ShopLinc with a lot of enthusiasm. As this is a totally new way to intergrate CPC into your website. So far only a small number of beta testers were allowed into the program but now it has gone public. It's a shopping program that you can use to sell your products. Along with it you get paid on a pay per click like eminimalls. It takes the products form your rss feed to insure that they are up to date links. This is a completely new idea that may sweep the internet itself, as feeds were always seen as an easier way to navigate and get information form blogs or websites. It gives you the ability to customize it form the header to the footer. As well as space so you can put any other advertising agency's ads in like Google Adsense. When they click on a product they get more information on it as well as other related products on your blog. But also included are their products so that you can earn your CPC money. The setup is easy enough so far and has linkable product pages, allowing for outside search engine optimization to be used to promote the product. They have a demo in case you want to check out the features before you decide if it's for your blog. Thank You