August 11, 2006

The Dollars In The Forum Advertising Industry

Some say Google Adsense was destined for forums. Why if it wasn't for the fact of forum signature advertising where would most web design websites be? There however reasonable explanions to the rarety of an idea such as was the forum. First let me point out the obvious fact of how google just loves to soak up sweet delicious content. Especially if they are getting updated every second like a forum's. Second let's not forget the user attention itself. No one can attract people better than people. Current events, new tips, and tricks it's all there. People know what they are interested in and in most cases others follow. Third the obvious new trend in forums taking your Google Adsense and sharing their ads with you. For example Precharge Forums has an option for it's users to get their Google Adsense Ads shown in each thread they start so every user's who goes to your thread sees your ads increasing your cash opportunities even more. I am sure there are more ways to benefit from this rising Internet phenomenon, but so far those are the ones I've been able to find, feel free to post any new ones in the comments section to help out others. Thank You