August 05, 2006

Blogger Search Engine Optimization Technique #1

Applying today's search engine optimization techniques to blogger is very near impossible. Aside from outside methods of search engine optimization there is not much you can do. First things first you should have meta tags on your blog already. A sitemap of course is a necessary next, if you still don't know how to get your blog a sitemap look up my previous post about getting a sitemap for your blog. And let's not forget the necessary link building. But all this will only get you so far if your pages have the same title as your main blog. Google won't even give you a second look with all the pages from your website having the same title. But I found a wayto get past blogger default of showing the same title on all pages and here is how: First and foremost head on over to your settings page and make sure you have these settings are all on yes: Settings -> Archiving -> Enable Post Pages? = Yes Allows single pages for every post. Settings -> Formatting -> Show Title Field = Yes Allows me to specify Title when posting. And then go to your blogger template page, as always back it up in case you have some issues with this (copy & paste the code to a local txt file), and after the head tag include add simple code: Now republish your WHOLE blog and navigate to a post you have and voila! With this being said I am in the workings of figuring out how to control your robots file without needing to switching to your own FTP host, so keep tuned in my feed it will pop up very soon! Thank You