August 26, 2006

What will MTV and Viacom Bring To Adsense?

Google Adsense has signed a deal with Viacom and MTV to display a new kind of ads. These ads will be in the form of clips that are then followed by ads from Viacom. Only 200 google adsense publishers are included in this so far. And they will pay by CPM meaning each time a user presses play the webmaster gets pays. The earnings will be sent to the user on their referral page in their Google Adsense account manager. This will go on for four weeks and probably will be back for a longer period of time and a more wider range of publishers. They will be in two sizes the 336x280 and 300x250 ad units.

Many people are saying it is because many people are using video services more and more like youtube and google videos. Google adsense publishers like us have been waiting for google to get in touch with the entertainment industry as this is going to increase our chances to earn revenues. Among the shows to be shown in these clips will be “SpongeBob SquarePants” and MTV’s “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County". And as Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, The N, and Nickelodeon channel are in owned by the Viacom company shows on these channels are expected to be included.

And of course your good buddy here at All About Google Adsense has got you an inside look of the direct info that Google Adsense sent to participating publishers:

What is this?
Google is running an experiment with syndicated video supported by ads, to help publishers and video content owners better monetize their properties. Premium video owners provide Google with their content, Google matches the content with ads, and the site owner presents the combined product to their users.

The content to be displayed through these units is premium. We're running this pilot to open the door to initiate branding concepts within the Google AdSense advertising model, and you've been handpicked to be one of the few exclusive partners to help launch this program. Advertisers ready to move forward are of the highest caliber, and the value-add of supplying this content is tremendous. If successful, these efforts will become more robust, and the end results will greatly enhance the user experience on your site.

What is the video content?

For the initial test, we will be using channels of video content provided by MTV Networks, such as from their Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, The N, and Nickelodeon channels. The video content is mostly short-form clips of up to a few minutes in length.

What are the ads?

For the purposes of this test, the video advertisements are provided by MTV Networks; the interstitial ads will be varying lengths (most 30 seconds or less) and shown between segments of the video content. For future syndicated video, Google will be leveraging its network of advertisers to match content to advertisement for syndicated video content.

How much money will I make?

Revenue is generated on a CPM basis, by the number of views on each ad inside the content. For instance, if someone watches the first three minutes of the content, and sees two interstitial ads, you will be paid for those two views. There is no payment unless a user has seen an ad within the content.

For syndicated video, the revenues will be split three ways, between the content owner, Google, and the site owner. For the purposes of this test, Google is not disclosing the three-way revenue split. Please also understand that CPM values and expected payouts at the end of this pilot cannot be disclosed at this time.

How do I add this to my page?
We will send you all necessary code amendments and modifications, which can simply be dropped-in to the source code of your page.

What is the unit size?
The embedded video player is the standard IAB 336x280 & IAB 300x250 size.

Do I have to put this in a certain place on my page?
You can place this unit above the fold (ATF) anywhere on your site, but keep in mind that you should try and optimize its position for playbacks.

How many impressions will I get?
As this is the first experiment of this type, we are not making projections of impressions or views. This video content, however, is only available to certain sites, so there is an element of exclusivity that your users may find attractive, and may help you get new visitors.

What if I'd like to display this Flash player on the sub domain ( of a pilot approved website?
Please respond to this email and let us know if this applies to your site.

Are we guaranteed to make at least as much as our ads would?
For the purposes of this test, we are not making revenue guarantees or predictions. This is a new concept in Google advertising history and we have worked hard with our advertisers to secure inventory for this premium channel. Our expectation is that monetization will only improve as this channel, concept, and project becomes more built out, but until then, we're in full beta with this pilot. As such, your patience and collaboration is of extreme value to us.

Will ads be served through AdSense or will I have to implement another type of code?
Ads will be served through special video player code provided for the purposes of this test, though publishers will be paid through their AdSense account.

Will Google serve the highest paying ad/content or is this a fixed unit?
This is a fixed unit, serving only the MTV preferred channel content selected for your site. There is no auction of content for the purposes of this test.

Can viewers skip ad and content display? Do publishers still get paid if viewers skip ad display? Yes, viewers can skip both content and ad display. However, users must begin to watch interstitial ads to qualify an ad event/impression.

How often does the video content refresh/change?
Content will likely change every three to seven days.

Will this player/content slow down my site?
No. As with Click-to-Play Video Ads, the video in this ad unit will not start buffering unless the user clicks on the play button. Publishers should not see any effect on site performance.

Do I have to reinsert the code when it changes?
No. By adding the video unit to your page, the content will automatically update without your changing the code on your site.

Can I have more than one unit on my page?
No, you can only have one of these video units per page.

Will the video unit be click-to-play, or initiated upon page view?
The video unit will be click-to-play, meaning initiated by the user, NOT upon page view.

Will there be alternate ad capability with these video units?
No. Since these video units are not standard ad units, you will only have the ability to serve this content through this pilot's unit.

Is there a separate legal agreement or will Google just serve through AdSense with the standard AdSense T&Cs?
AdSense Online Standard Terms and Conditions apply to this pilot.

How long is the pilot?
The pilot will span four weeks; we will provide pilot exit information prior to its completion.

Thank You