January 04, 2008

Top Five Simple Google Adsense Resolutions For 2008

In the spirit of the new rush for resolutions, well not really THAT new, I've decided to compile a list of 10 things that every Google Adsense publisher should do in the new year. Take this list to the heart and keep it in mind as you check your website for compliance. Each of these tips should only serve to improve your Google Adsense earnings. Nothing more nothing less. Here we go:

1. Subscribe to the All About Google Adsense feed.

No joke this should come first as you can't afford to keep up with new developments in the Google Adsense world. New techniques, new ways to increase your earnings and much more.

2. Next make sure to check on your Google Adsense earnings at least once a day.

This is no problem for the majority of Adsense publishers but the few that barely notice they even have Google Adsense ads on their website until the check shows up in the mail need to be more careful. These people are probably the highest earners and take things for granted. This leads to them noticing a problem way too late and losing that precious moola. Once a day isn't too much and should serve to remind you that maybe you should improve up on those earnings by trying something new. All these are added benefits nothing more nothing less.

3. Check your Adsense account a little less. This should number one for most Adsense publishers.

Most of these people have a Firefox extension that shows them the current earnings. This is a good solution if all you can think about doing when you get home is jump on your computer and check your Google Adsense earnings. Most of these people need to realize that if they spent half as much time trying new ways to increase their earnings as they spend worrying about their earnings they probably would be making way more money. It's a good thing that you are so dedicated to your earnings now go out there and use it to your advantage.

4. Spend more time developing other factors that affect your Google Adsense earnings.

It's not just about placement of your ads but much more about how many people see them on a daily basis. Increase the traffic to your website and you'll probably see a rise in your earnings. Now this is common sense but more and more people spend time changing their ads to see if they can entice more of their users to click them. Focus on other factors such as SEO and overall usability of your website.

5. And last but not least remember to keep your Adsense info up to date.

I am guilty of this one myself. When I moved to Florida I completely forgot to change my address. Funny thing is I changed it in just about every other online program I was participating in. The fact that I've been in Google Adsense for so long made me forget that it's just like any other program. So keep your info up to date especially your tax info. As everyone here in the US knows the IRS is no joke.

Well thats all folks. Keep to these five simple resolutions and you'll prosper in this coming year of 2008.

Thank You