January 10, 2008

Around The Search Engines Jan 10 2008

Hmm..What's that smell? Is it the garbage or just your clothes? No it's it's just another round of Around The Search Engines:

The Google Fridge Giveaway - Dan Perry

I acquired a Google Fridge a while ago, and have decided to give it away to one lucky reader.

40+ Social News Websites: A List of General and Niche Social Media Communities - Dosh Dosh

You don’t have a lot of time on your hands. You want a community that gives you fresh news on topics you care about. You want something that sends prospects and traffic while branding your website or business. You want a social news site with a long term returns on investment. Here’s a list of some of them.

The Conversion Optimizer: Increase profits and save time - Inside Adwords

Last September, we launched the Conversion Optimizer, a free AdWords feature for managing CPA (cost-per-acquisition) bids. Since then, the Conversion Optimizer has helped many advertisers save time and money, and we're announcing today that it's no longer in beta. We're also making it available to more campaigns: any campaign with AdWords conversion tracking enabled that has received 200 conversions in the last 30 days can now use the Conversion Optimizer (previously 300 were required). We've received lots of feedback from advertisers using the Conversion Optimizer including Moritz Daan, Webgamic's CEO, who shared with us:

Search Marketing: A Rewarding Career Path - Search Engine Watch

While it's not always a quick path to riches, a career in search marketing can be very rewarding, according to a new survey of in-house SEMs conducted by SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization.

MSN Talks Webmaster Tools - Web Pro News

Product Manager of Live Search Webmaster Tools, Jeremiah Andrick spent the day here at the WebProNews headquarters. Our very own Mike McDonald took him on a wild, Kentucky escapade while picking his brain about Webmaster tools at MSN. Andrick discusses indexing issues, cloaking detection, and goes into detail about why AdSense showed up in their search results. While showing off their athleticism, the two also discuss why transparency is key and why to stay away from paid links. Don’t miss all of this and the inside scoop to both companies’ viral campaign, right here on WebProNews.

Ad Intellegence - New Slick Free Microsoft AdCenter Keyword Tool - SEO Book

I hate to curse, but this tool is bad ass. Ad Intelligence is a new keyword tool from Microsoft which is well worth using, and will probably force Google and Yahoo to make better keyword tools. All of this data is free during the beta test as long as you have a Microsoft AdCenter account (you can set one up for $5, with a $50 coupon if you search Google for AdCenter) and a copy of Microsoft Excel 2007 (the Ad Intelligence link above allows you to download a free trial of Excel).

Spice Up Your Google AdWords Ads With ASCI Art - SE Land

The BannerBlog wrote that they wanted their German car rental client, Sixt, to stand out in the sponsored listings for a search on "Mietwagen" (car rental) in Google. They came up with the idea to display ASCI art of cars in the ad spot.

Google Moves "Cache" & "Similar Pages" Links One Line Down - SE Roundtable

It appears Google made a slight change in how they display the "cache" and "similar pages" link within the search results listings.

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