January 09, 2008

Around The Search Engines Jan 09 2008

Around the Search Engines brings some exciting news across the web today:

Google, Facebook, and Data Portability - SearchViews

Representatives from Google, Facebook, and social address book Plaxo yesterday joined the Data Portability Workgroup (DPW), an organization whose mission is "to put all existing technologies and initiatives in context to create a reference design for end-to-end Data Portability."

User Data, Mobile Explosion, Death of SEO - SEM Trends in 2008 - Toprank Blog

We recently ran a Reader Poll asking what the hot search marketing trends will be for 2008. The new year is here and we now have good enough sample of votes cast (78) to share what Online Marketing Blog readers are thinking:

New API Features - Official Google Base Blog

If you've been wondering what the Google Base API team has been working on lately, wonder no more. We are happy to tell you that a couple of new features were released in the last couple of weeks.

Predictions for 2008 - Yahoo Search Marketing Blog

Our master computer, YaHal-9000, sits calculating day and night in the bowels of our Burbank office building, giving off sparks, discharging wisps of eerie, green smoke, and occasionally dimming lights across the San Fernando Valley as it churns through reams upon reams of data from its billions of inputs.

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: January 9, 2008 - Cartoon Barry

Google AdSense updates referral policies. AdWords Editor is fixed again. City search isn't working on Google Maps. Google Reader's subscribe feature isn't working fully. Live Search does video with Mike McDonald. FeedRaider getting to you? Google removes the nofollow attribute on some pages. Microsoft buys Fast Search. Google's search share is up again. adCenter got its add-in for Excel. Google hires their Homer Simpson. Google updates Google Sky.

Ask.com Names New CEO Jim Safka, Replacing Jim Lanzone - Search Engine Journal

IAC made an interesting move today, replacing one of the head figures responsible for taking Ask.com out of the search spammy shadow of Jeeves, and transforming it into the incredible search engine it has become today, announcing that Jim Safka will takeover as CEO of Ask.com.

Microsoft Launches adCenter Add-in Beta for Excel 2007 - Search Engine Land

The adCenter Blog announced the launch of the adCenter Add-in for Excel 2007. To download the 64MB zipped version of the add-in, click here. There will be a webinar explaining how to use the add-in on January 23, 2008, which you can register for in advance.

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