January 15, 2008

Around The Search Engines Jan 15 2008

Fe! Fi! Fum! it's another round of Around The Search Engines [insert laughter here]:

Sign up for the Conversion Optimizer online seminar - Inside Google Adwords

We'd like to remind you that the Conversion Optimizer team will be giving a free online seminar tomorrow, January 15th at 10 am PST. This one hour session will cover how the Conversion Optimizer works and how you can use it to get more conversions and improve your ROI. You'll also have the chance to get your questions answered by the team.

Sitemaps FAQs - Google Webmaster Blog

Last month, Trevor spoke on the Sitemaps: Oversold, Misused or On The Money? panel at Search Engine Strategies in Chicago. After receiving a lot of great questions at the conference in addition to all the feedback we receive in our Help Group, we've pulled together a FAQ:

Q&A with Nick Carr, Author of The Big Switch - Search Engine Watch

Nick Carr, author of The Big Switch: Rewiring the World from Edison to Google, is the keynote speaker at Search Engine Strategies London, which will be held February 19-21, 2008, at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

12 Ways to Keep Your Content Hidden from the Search Engines - SEOmoz

Here at SEOmoz, we're usually talking about how to make your content more visible to the search engines. Today, we're taking a different direction. It may seem unusual, but there are plenty of times when content on your website needs to be protected from search indexing and caching. Why?

LambdaRank, RankNet, and MSN Search - Geeking with Greg

Microsoft Researchers Ping Li, Chris Burges, and Qiang Wu wrote a June 2007 technical report, "Learning to Rank using Classification and Gradient Boosting", that follows up on the RankNet paper. That older paper was particularly interesting because RankNet apparently made it live into the MSN Search engine.

Google Updates, Penalties and Filters - A Walk Down Memory Lane - Sitemost

Google have been pretty busy with updates lately and when there are updates, you can be sure to find penalties and filters being applied.

Free 125×125 Ads on UberAffiliate.com - Uberaffiliate

Soooo…5 out of the 6 ads on my sidebar are expired and are ready to be renewed or replaced. I’m too lazy to do any of that, so guess what I’m giving them away for free. Not really free, but I don’t really care about making money from this blog so I’m going to have a little contest to give away all my spots.

That's all. Enjoy yet another day i our lives.

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