January 03, 2008

Around The Search Engines Jan 03

Here goes today's Around The Search Engines:

Politicians: Four Years Late to the SEO Party - SEO Moz

It's the third of January and those of us in the United States are already pretty tired of hearing about November's Presidential Election. I'm sure the rest of you are, too. The world of social media is already flooded with stories about the U.S.'s political dramas and I can only imagine that if you're in any other country, today's offerings at Reddit might not interest you all that much. Currently, seven of the top 10 Reddit stories focus on the U.S. elections. But this really isn't my point.

Matt Mullenweg on No Follow - ShoeMoney

I love interviewing non SEO, but probably some of the most influential people about no-follow. Without very influential people the whole no follow movement would never work. So I shot a email to Matt Mullenweg, the head of Wordpress which was the first time I had ever really seen the no-follow tag being used, some questions.

AdSense Fix Inverted Exchange Rate Problem for Australian and New Zealand Publishers -Problogger

Earlier in the week it was revealed that AdSense had made a mistake in calculating payments to some non US publishers. It seems that the problem was localized here in Australia and New Zealand and that Google inverted the exchange rate that they used to calculate how much publishers would be paid in their local currency.

How to get traffic from the New York Times - SEOptimise

A number of blog aggregators exist including the popular Techmeme but none have the ability to get your content showcased on multiple pages of the New York Times website like BlogRunner does.

Blogs and self promotion - Seth's Blog

The truism of the web: people talking about you is far more effective than talking about yourself.

Did You Know You Can Get Traffic From CNN? - Essential Keystrokes

So, I was going about my business last week when the latest story about another toy recall hit. The recall of Aqua Dots struck a nerve with me because that was an item my two artsy girls had recently added to their Christmas Wish Lists. Moments after reading the CNN story, I opened up my dashboard at Raising a Healthy Family (I know, I know, too many to keep up with!) and started writing. I linked to the CNN story and the CPSC site complete with a listing of all the recalls, and hit publish.

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