January 02, 2008

Google Adsense's Newbie Central Explored

The Google Adsense team today launches a new section of their help page aptly called "Newbie Central". Now before anyone get all giddy and joins in on the Google Adsense bandwagon keep in mind of what this new section really is.

First of course is a complete guide on how to register for Google Adsense and get started. Basically telling you things like how to put the code on your website. Oh wait that's not all. They also tell you to subscribe to the Adsense blog and their support forum. Now we are getting nice and dirty!

Earnings and Expectations

This page basically lists all the factors that affect your earnings in the Google Adsense program. Obvious things like how much traffic you get and your Clickthrough Rate. For new users this page may actually be useful in getting to know how each section of your reports relates to your overall earnings.

The Rest

Not even worth my time is the rest of the new pages. Everything from channels, formats,... Newbie Central couldn't have hit it more squarely.

The Funny

The funny part is the fact that this simple page could be used to replace the whole Google Adsense help section. No really this is just about all you ever get information wise from the folks at Google. So enjoy the Newbie Central and bask in the fact that this is all you need to learn about Google Adsense. Well from Google anyways.

Thank You