January 05, 2008

Around The Search Engines Jan 05 2008

It's a nice Saturday night and if you got a couple of moments here's another update on Around the Search Engines:

Who Designed Your Blog? [POLL RESULTS] - ProBlogger

Over the last couple of weeks I ran a poll here at ProBlogger which asked readers who designed their blogs. 1828 readers responded in total (thanks everyone).

Ask.com Launches Voice-Activated Driving and Walking Directions - Research Buzz

Ask.com launched Ask.com Mobile a while ago. Now it’s also launching “Click to Speak”, a voice-activated directions service.

How to Get Started With Computer Programming - Chris Pirillo

Programming is NOT as scary of a task as you might imagine. I know some people who shudder at the thought of learning any programming language. However, take a read through these tips, and find out for yourself how to get started.

The Difference Between Selling Something and Giving it Away - SEO Book

I think these two comments do a nice job of showing the difference between how people perceive something they paid for and something they got for free. If people do not have a tangible opportunity cost they often tend not to respect or value the product or service.

Syndication and the Live Web Economy - Linux Journal

What new economy does syndication suggest? And does Linux point the way?

The Google Challengers: 2008 Edition - Search Engine Land

Rich Skrenta -- who, aside from creating the first computer virus, is more notable to search as a cofounder of the Open Directory Project and the Topix news search engine -- has announced he's founded a search start-up. A stealth one, as TechCrunch puts it. Don't we already have several stealth search start-ups? Yep. Here's a guide to who's who.

Excessive Length URL’s and Social Media - Graywolf's SEO Blog

Most CMS systems today are capable of generating clean URL’s. Unless you are dealing with newspapers or magazines where existing legacy systems it’s almost a non issue. However I came across two incredibly horrible URL’s in the same day.

SortFix - Improve your Search - Phil Bradley

SortFix - Improve your Search. This is a search engine that is bolted onto the front of Google, Yahoo and DMOZ, and you can choose which of them you search.

There you have! Wishing everyone a happy continuing weekend. And I'm off.

Thank You