January 27, 2008

Around the Search Engines Jan 27 2008

As we come to the closing of January exciting things are happening. From my Google Adsense campaigns to the new posts I have in the works. Hint hint you may see a comeback of the Google Adsense Gold Series so keep your eyes open. Anyways here's your round of Around the Search Engines:

How to Make CPC Ads Convert - PorBlogger

Wendy at eMoms at Home posted an interview with me today which focuses upon getting advertising to convert into revenue on a blog - particularly CPC ads (cost per click) like AdSense or Chitika.

Google AdWords With Demographic Bidding - Google Blogoscoped

The Google AdWords service is testing a feature for advertisers to use “demographic bidding.” This means that you can specify that your ads will only be shown to, say, women over the age of 55. Or perhaps you have an online store for men’s clothing, then you can target only men. You can also specifically exclude a certain group.

The Art of Propaganda: 7 Common Tactics Used to Influence Behavior - Dosh Dosh

Propaganda is created to influence the minds and actions of people, in order to generate a response that achieves the goal of the propagandist. Politicians and governments often use propaganda to obtain support/compliance for their policies.

81 Useful Affiliate Marketing Resources - BlogTreprenueur

Whilst the idea of selling a product on behalf of another company or person has existed for a long time, affiliate marketing itself was born in November 2004, but has only really taken off in the past few years. New generations of affiliate marketers are raking in massive per month profits, and more people are starting to experience profits through this method. Here is a list (which is by no means definitive) to help you get started - please feel free to suggest anymore if you so wish!

Google Content Network Tips: Optimizing for a content network audience - Inside Google Adwords

On the search network, ads are shown to users who are specifically searching for results using one of your keywords. On the content network, ads are shown to users as they research interests and browse sites that are related to your keywords and ad text. Users on the content network are in a different mindset than users on search, so changes to your keywords, ad text and account structure may be necessary to make the most out of your content network advertising.

Google on Automatically Annotating Images and Videos - SEO By The Sea

A newly published Google patent application explores the topic, and comes up with a method of annotation by comparison to similar images found on the Web, and the text surrounding those similar images.

Weekly Rap-up of Search Engine Industry News - Search Rank

A summary of search related news items that occurred this week including IncrediMail is back in Google's favor - their AdSense privileges have been restored, Pownce, a "Twitter plus" type of service, is now open to the public after six months in beta mode, a new real estate search engine called Roost launches with full MLS listings in more than a dozen cities, Google is to eliminate domain tasting for AdSense, and finally a fun post from North South Media that looks at eleven prominent individuals in the world of search and guesses what their action figures might look like.

Thursday Roundup for the Week of 1/20/08 - SEOMoz

Sorry for the delay in getting this out out to you all, but today was pretty hectic for both me and Rand. Technically it's still Thursday on the west coast, so at least I squeaked by and hit my deadline...

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: January 25, 2008 - Cartoon Barry Blog

Google sent me a letter, so I am a partner. Google Health is coming soon, would you dare? Google Domain Park gets stricter. Yahoo Search Marketing has keyword limits. SEMMYS are out. Usability over SEO? Google, don't hurt me for footer links. Email marketing edges out search marketing. Politicians have to play nice on AdWords. Watch Google Maps edits in real-time. Search in pictures is out.

SearchCap: The Day In Search, January 25, 2008 - SE Land

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

That's it. Happy Sunday by the way and yet another week down the drain.

Thank You