January 02, 2008

Around The Search Engines Jan 02

It's about time for another round of "Around The Search Engines":

Google's Algorithm Awarding New Pages? - Search Engine Land

Google Artificially Promotes Recent Web Pages from Google Operating System reports that Google has been recently showing a bit too much love to new or very recent pages indexed by Google. Ionut Alex Chitu example was that Google's New Years logo promoted a search for January 1 tcp/ip, which then showed results for Digg and other new pages that had zero historical factors to be weighed on in the Google algorithm.

Sites With Downgraded Toolbar PageRank Still Passing Link Juice? -SE Roundtable

Ever since Google downgraded the visible PageRank scores seen in the Google Toolbar for sites that do not use the nofollow on their ads, people have been wondering how it has been impacting the Google search results and algorithm.

7 SEO Techniques That Google Smashed in 2007 - Copy Brighter

The SEO playbook changes fast. Really fast. Best practices shift on a monthly basis, and time-honoured methods can become obsolete and dangerous – literally overnight. Here's the top ten methods Google snatched out of the game in 2007.

18 most popular Web Analytics blog posts of 2007 - Visual Revenue

I decided to do my general 2007 Web Analytics status using Avinash’s Top Ten Web Analytics Blogs: July 2007 as a foundation (Since most of them happen to be friends of mine anyway) and ask them to provide me with their 3 most popular posts of the year. Find the result below; which is simply a minimum MUST READ list – if you are working in the Web Analytics industry.

That's it folks. Be back again tomorrow for another thrilling round of Around The Search Engines!

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