January 01, 2008

To Google Adsense Austalian and New Zealand Users

Watch out! Log into your Google Adsense account and check out your payment history page. Then click details and see what conversion rate was used on your November payments. If the conversion was done at 0.867 : 1 rather than 1.15 : 1 then Google may have messed up your payment. Count it and you'll see that the conversion loss amounts to about $15 out of $100.

Don't panic send an email to the folks over at Google Adsense if you haven't already gotten one from them. They claim that those users who were affected by this error will be credited with the amount lost by January 7th.

Basically what happened was Google converted from Local currency to US instead of the other way around. Either way though there's nothing to worry about I just wanted everyone to know in case this affects you. Enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Thank You