August 24, 2005

uniqueness is successfulness!

Many people don't realized the advantage of an orginal idea. First of all there are many sites out there that basically every subject or interest has been covered and published by someone. But let it not bring you down just because someone makes a website doesn't mean it's going to blow up and become like google or something. Also the more you know about a subject eh better you may succed at it. It's a know fact that if you make something because you have to, it won't have any spirit from therefore boring. But if it's something you have a passion then by all means go ahead. It's been proven that the subject you choose that you have experienced first hand is the way to go. Take me for example: I loved google adsense in features and profits which is why I write about it.You might ask yourself why talk about this? What does this have to with adsense? Well adsense is only a part of your website right? It depends on the website to have an audience as well as good content. Which is what you'll provide. It makes sense doesn't it ? No one talks about hate when they are in love. Go out there and no matter how the subject may earn you money do because you love it. That's it and don't worry success is on the corner.


Jimmy said...

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

Tony Williams said...

I couldn't agree more! I intend to cover this idea in more detail soon at My Rich Pickings

Nelson Tan said...

Has anyone heard of the saying "Once the mind opens like a parachute, it will never go back to its original size"? BIG statement.

The key to niche marketing is open your mind to look out for words. Words are everywhere, not just on the Net, but on the bus, in shopping malls, airports, newspapers, magazines, advertisements etc. Information becomes an asset. You also hear them in people's conversations. Then all you need to do is filter out redundant words to arrive at one which you resonate with..."scrapbooking", or "iguanas" or "torque" or "parachute". Parachute? You say, "What?" But others say, "Aha! I can associate parachute with 'skydiving', 'cliff-jumping'..."

Uniqueness is not so much trying hard to be different as it is about tapping into less competitive markets. Anyone can claim a market if s/he chooses to conquer it. And by consistently repeating the same process of setting up sites to cater for different types of markets, anyone can earn AdSense income from multiple sites in no time.

best regards,